What Is Trormclauncher?

Computer Memory How To Save Space?

In order to save some space on my computer which programs do you think are not necessary to have and are safe to uinstall? Conduit Engine Intel@ Matrix Storage Manager Microsoft .Net Framework 4 Client Profile Microsoft Silverlight Microsoft SQL Server 2005 edition Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable MSXML 4.0 SP2 NCH EN toolbar Nero backitup10 Nero burnlights10 Nero express10 Nero infotool10 Nero mediahub10 Nero multimediasuite10 Essentials Nero rescueagent10 Nero Startsmart10 Nero Update Realtek Ethernet controller driver Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Realtek WLAN Driver Sweet IMtoolbar for Internet explorer Synaptics Pointing Device Driver Toshiba config free Toshiba Disc creator Toshiba face recognition Toshiba Flash cards support utility Toshiba Hardware setup Toshiba HDD/SSD alert Toshiba Media controller Toshoba Media controller plugin Toshiba Recovery Media creator Toshiba Reeltime TRORMClauncher

Uninstalling programs doesn't save any memory - just harddrive space.

Toshiba Bloatware Help?

Reet, so I got this laptop couple months back now and it's a Toshiba Satellite Pro L450D-14V Windows 7 Laptop. Yeah - so I was looking at the Programs and Features thingy and saw a lot of shit on there I don't even think I know what they are and I was wondering if you peeps could fill me in on what they are so I can delete them or not. Being as I don;t know much about Toshiba stuff, I didn't want to mess around with stuff that I didn't know was. Below is a list of some of the stuffs on there that I don't understand; Acrobat.com ATI Catalyst Install Manager Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office system Microsoft Works Microsoft WSE 3.0 Runtime Pando Media Booster PlayReady PC Runtime a Synaptics Pointing Device Driver Toshiba Assist TOSHIBA ConfigFree TOSHIBA Disc Creator TOSHIBA DVD PLAYER TOSHIBA Extended Tiles for Windows Mobility Center TOSHIBA Face Recognition TOSHIBA Flash Cards Support Utility Toshiba Manuals Toshiba Online Product Information Toshiba Photo Service - powered by myphotobook TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator Reminder TOSHIBA ReelTime TOSHIBA SD Memory Utilities TOSHIBA Supervisor Password TOSHIBA Value Added Package TOSHIBA Web Camera Application TRORMCLauncher There was so others on there, but I thought they were pretty self explanatory and NEEDED to be on the system - hence I left the off the list. Much obliged for the answers :) Sorry if this question has been asked before; it's just I couldn't find anything for my laptop.

Acrobat.com https://acrobat.com/welcome.html,
What is Acrobat? Adobe® Acrobat® X software helps you create high-impact PDF communications, collaborate more easily, and streamline reviews. Discover a smarter way to work.

ATI Catalyst Install Manager: This application helps me set the color, brightness, and many other visual setting on an "under par" monitor.
It lowers the brightness, even though the monitor's settings do not. Great companion for my video card! http://ati-catalyst-install-manager.software.informer.com/

Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office system: do not remove it makes MS Office compatible with other software and programs.

Microsoft Works: a free Office suite from Microsoft, do not remove.

Microsoft WSE 3.0 Runtime: Desciption of Microsoft WSE 3.0 Runtime http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?familyid=9E59C3FB-E7BC-4D91-908E-411A8D329F3D&displaylang=en

Pando Media Booster: http://www.pandonetworks.com/media-booster

PlayReady PC Runtime a
Synaptics Pointing Device Driver: the touch pad drive, do not remove or the touch pad will not work.

Toshiba Assist
TOSHIBA ConfigFree: works with your wireless and wired Internet connections, read more in the user guide, do not remove.

TOSHIBA Disc Creator: used for creating recovery system disc, do not remove.


TOSHIBA Extended Tiles for Windows Mobility Center, gives choices for different look of the Mobility Center desk top.

TOSHIBA Face Recognition: it works similar to a finger print reader used for logging in to your lap top and user account(s).
TOSHIBA Flash Cards Support Utility: works with the various card readers installed on the lap top.

Toshiba Manuals, you will find how to use all the features of the lap top and take care of the lap top it is the user guide/manual for the lap top.

Toshiba Online Product Information, not needed but will cause no problems to leave it.

Toshiba Photo Service - powered by myphotobook: Myphotobook is a useful tool that allows you to create photo books in a snap

TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator, lets you create back up disc for media and the operating system.
TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator Reminder

TOSHIBA ReelTime: a CD/DVD player.

TOSHIBA SD Memory Utilities: has to do with the installed card readers of the lap top, do not remove or they will not work or read memory cards.

TOSHIBA Supervisor Password; use for setting administrator/supervisor account password(s).

TOSHIBA Value Added Package: not sure check user manual/guide or Toshiba support at http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/support/jsp/home.jsp

TOSHIBA Web Camera Application: program and driver for the built in webcam, read section in user manual for using, setting up the webcam.

TRORMCLauncher: this is part of the system tools and utilities read more in user guide/manual.

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