What Is The Zip Code Of Quezon City?

What is the zip code for quezon city manila Philippines?

specifically where in quezon city? here's a website where you can check the zip codes for quezon city...

What is the zip code in Fairview Quezon City, Philippines?

Quezon City Zip codes
1118: Fairview
1121: Fairview [North]
1122: Fairview [South]

Pick one?!?

Could anybody help me with Philippine postal code?

The person didn't write her zip code/postal code with her address. Address of Philippine ends like this; ------- BagBag, Nova. QC. Philippine. I know QC. stands for Quezon City but Nova is Novaliches? Should I search zip code for BagBag or Nova.? Thanks.

Please address it this way:
House No. ......
1123 Novaliches Town Proper
Quezon City

1123 is the correct ZIP Code for Novaliches Town Proper

But if it is on Bagbag: Then address it this way:
House No. .......
1116 Bag Bag
Quezon City

* 1116 is the correct ZIP code for the town of Bag Bag

What's more important on mail- the city or the zip code?

Long story short, I ordered a book but accidentally gave the wrong city. The zip code and address is correct, will it be returned to sender? Or will USPS go by the zip code?

Zip code. You really don't even need the city on there since each city has it's own zip code. Those things are read by machines when sorted. The machines only read the zip code. The city is on there only if you mess up the zip code.

Addressing letter to the Philippines HELP?

I know I'm repeating this question, but I need fresh answers. I need to send a letter to an address in the Philippines, but I'm not sure how to format it. I mean, I don't know what info belongs on what line when it comes to writing the address with the zip code, barangay, city, etc.... Here's the basics of the address I'm trying to format: ** ****** Street, Ibayo II, Bagbag Novaliches, Quezon City, 1116. I'm confused about the order of how to write it and what info belongs where. I think "Ibayo II" is a subdivision but I'm not sure. "Bagbag Novaliches" is the barangay. and it is "Quezon City" in Manila. If someone could please show me how to write this address properly the way it should appear on the letter, it would do me a great favor :) Also, I would be sending from Canada. Don't know if that helps. Where would the ZIP Code fit in ?? I've heard some people say that it's on the same line with the city, and others say that it is on the line with the Country? And could someone please give me an answer in the correct format that the address would appear on the letter, EXAMPLE: LINE 1- John Doe LINE 2- ** ***** Street LINE 3- Ibayo II, Bagbag Novaliches LINE 4- Quezon City LINE 5- Philippines, 1116 I have no idea if that's right, it's just a guess to show the answer I'm looking for. Can someone please help make it clear like that ?? Thanks :)

LINE 1- John Doe
LINE 2- ** ***** Street
LINE 3- Ibayo II, Bagbag Novaliches
LINE 4- 1116 Quezon City
LINE 5- Philippines

As I have said put the ZIP code before the City or Town and it is optional to place the Province if it is a major city.

I have been sending MAILS since my childhood days and been CORRECTED by the postal clerk about the ZIP codes and proper mail address.

If you still would not believe me then CALL the Philippine postal office. Check their website at

This is the last time will be giving you this answer.

Quezon City is part of the Metro Manila region which is composed of several cities and towns including Manila City, Philippines capital.

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