What Is The Wii Customer Service Phone Number?

Does Verizon have the worst customer service or what?

I just switched all my cable, internet and phone to Verizon FIOS. The technology is great, but I've had nothing but headaches from their customer service. They screwed up switching my phone number, so I have a temporary phone number for 3 weeks until they can straighten it out. I've had to call the customer service line for other issues and have had extremely long wait times, got transfered to other reps all over the place, and just plain attitudes from them. Anyone else have bad service from Verizon? I used to think AT&T had the worst customer service but now Verizon has taken the number one spot!

Verizon is pretty bad but AT&T is still the worst. By far!!

How can I cancel my cell phone?

I want to know if there a way to cancel cell phone. I dont want to use my phone anymore.

Call customer service for the phone company and tell them to shut it off. Early termination fee may apply. Don't do this if you want to keep your phone number though. If you want to keep your phone number for a different cell phone service then keep your phone active until you go to buy your new phone and then have them switch your number to your new service, thereby canceling your old service.

SKY customer services free phone number?

Does anyone have a local rate phone number for Sky customer service? You know your holding for ages on these 0870 numbers ! I need change my installation date.

Yes, you can find some free 01 xxx or 02 xxx phone numbers for Sky customer services, but its very fast "die".
Last year i use 0844 995 95 95 phone number for SKY customer service.
It always valid, and cost just 0.05 per minute.

This number for main switchboard - you can use it for all question about Sky - for Sky Customer services, sky tv, sky+,sky+hd, broadband, telephones, new, existing & returning customers & general enquiries.

Sky customer services opening hours
Daily – 8:30am to 11:00pm

Amazon customer service phone number uk?

Hello Look in google but found only not working phone number. Anybody have fresh contact number for Amazon customer service UK?

Amazon.co.uk telephone number 0843 155 00 73 for Customer Services, Returns and order tracking.

Open Times
Daily - 8:00am to 6:30pm

Call some days ago, working fine.

how can I reach yahoo customer service?

What is the phone number to Yahoo customer service in order to retrieve my lost or closed mail?

...Below is the link that will
take you to all the various Yahoo customer service divisions.
There is also a site where you can email a question
and get fairly quick answer time.


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