What Is The Sentence For Carjacking?

what is the punishment in Kenya for carjacking?

what happens if someone gets caught carjacking, how many years do they go to jail?

Carjacking in Kenya is treated as robbery with violence. If found guilty you go to prison (jail) for 14 years. If you kill your victim then you face a murder charge. Murderers in Kenya face capital punishment (death by hanging). If you are lucky the judge or magistrate can commute the death sentence to life imprisonment.

Is carjacking the result of increased use of anti theft devices?

I'm curious about what the cops think. It seems to me that carjacking really became common place about 20 years ago, as car alarms and steering wheel locks became more and more popular. What do you think?

Carjacking started becoming more popular after Jimmy Carter screwed up the economy. After a few years a lot of vehicles became unable to work and those people couldn't afford new cars. They stole them not because of the antitheft devices, but the prices of the vehicles themselves.

Was Pele a victim of a carjacking where the carjackers fled once they realized Pele was in the car?

I once heard that Pele was the almost the victim of a carjacking and that once the carjackers saw him in the vehicle decided to flee, because they knew it was him. Is this true?

Pele was once the victim of a carjacking but the carjackers did not rob him but a similar story happened to Romario same scenario he was robbed of his cellphone and car he walked home

What is an average attorney fee for a federal appeal of a sentence?

A friend of a friend is locked up in federal prison and has been for the last 15 years for a carjacking. They went to see an attorney and he said it would cost $25,000.00 for the case. Is this right, too high? to low?

wow, yeah. it wont be cheap. what state are you in? that will affect the retainer, etc... shop around. gl.

Is It True That If You Have A Weapon On You While Committing A Crime You Get A Harsher Sentence?

So let's say you are caught carjacking and when you are arrested you have a gun in your possession. Whether or not the gun was used in the crime, you get in more trouble simply by having it on you right?

Very true and I want to add that just being in possession of a weapon during a commission of a crime (even a misdemeanor) makes it a felony.

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