What Is The Phone Number For Imvu Customer Service?

I need help with IMVU.?

Someone hacked my IMVU and I really want it back. Please, please, please! Help me. I never ever ask for anything and I haven't done anything to anyone. So, please, all I ask is for you to help me get it back.

Eff a help ticket! Call IMVU and get your account back. That's what I had to do. They don't like when you call about problems but it's better to call and get help automatically than submit a help ticket and get an answer back 6 months later. The # is 866-761-0975. IMVU is absolutely TERRIBLE about answering help tickets. Most of them go unanswered and the ones they actually get to are responded to months after they were submitted. Their customer service is horrible. They don't even have the number on the IMVU site because they don't want the phone lines flooded with questions and concerns but anyways yep there it is. Call it and bother them until you get your shit back.

How Do You Restore Your IMVU Account Without Customer Service ?

I had an IMVU account, and one day I was playing, then it cut off, it said someone logged into it somewhere else. I tried to relog in, and change my password, but then, it said, 'Username and/or Password is invaild, please try again.' I did try, then I checked my email for anything, and It said I deleted my account. IMVU sent me a link, but unfortunatley, I used the link too late, i think, and it only says this when I click on it: "We're sorry, but we are unable to restore your deleted account at this time.' I keep trying day by day hour by hour, but it NEVER works. I replied to the email, asking for another link. I had VIP and everything...all of that stuff gone. Could someone PLEASE give me GOOD advice and not just say contact Customer Service. I refuse to wast my time doing that over and over with no use of getting ANY responses. It would mean soo much if someone knew how I could get my account back. Thank You In Advance. -Ashley

When my boyfriend got mad at me and deleted my IMVU account (lol) I called their customer service and bugged them until they gave me my account back. All I had to do was verify a few things like my birthday and such. Don't keep sending them help tickets because they will just keep dancing around the issue and sending you automated responses. Get right in their face and talk to them over the phone. The number is 1-650-646-3244. Good luck.

How do i buy imvu credits with my phone?

Ive tried buying them with my house phone, but when i dial the number they give it says the number is no longer available, and when i try with my cell phone, sometimes it pays, but doesn't give me my credits. Please give me some sites or tips to help my problem :(

talk to your phone provider. that's the best you can do. your provider might not be allowing the credits to go through your account so i'd call and talk to them about it. if that doesn't work file a 'help' ticket with IMVU in the 'customer service' section and tell them the following:
1.) your avatar name & the name on your phone account
2.) how many times you've tried to purchase credits via phone
3.) how many times went through and what your problem is.

be stern and tell them you'd like the money credited to your account that you haven't received. being stern lets them know that you are not willing to compromise and mean business. hope this helps!

Does Verizon have the worst customer service or what?

I just switched all my cable, internet and phone to Verizon FIOS. The technology is great, but I've had nothing but headaches from their customer service. They screwed up switching my phone number, so I have a temporary phone number for 3 weeks until they can straighten it out. I've had to call the customer service line for other issues and have had extremely long wait times, got transfered to other reps all over the place, and just plain attitudes from them. Anyone else have bad service from Verizon? I used to think AT&T had the worst customer service but now Verizon has taken the number one spot!

Verizon is pretty bad but AT&T is still the worst. By far!!

How can I cancel my cell phone?

I want to know if there a way to cancel cell phone. I dont want to use my phone anymore.

Call customer service for the phone company and tell them to shut it off. Early termination fee may apply. Don't do this if you want to keep your phone number though. If you want to keep your phone number for a different cell phone service then keep your phone active until you go to buy your new phone and then have them switch your number to your new service, thereby canceling your old service.

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