What Is The First Letter In An Eight Letter Word Meaning Wealthy?

What is the first letter in an eight letter word meaning "wealthy"?

It has to start with one of these letters: r. o. g. l. a.

A for affluent

What is the first letter in an eight letter word meaning "wealthy"?

It would start with an R, O, G, L, or an A


What is the first letter in an eight letter word meaning "wealthy"?

"A" - affluent

What the Italian alphabet letter "h" used for since that is silent letter in Italian?

Excel Italian used letter "H" for combined the letter "c" and letter "G" before that the Italian letter "h" seem meaningless because it's silent letter why not Italian abandon this letter for the combined letter "c"and letter "g" we could use another symbol? and I think Italian letter "q" is meaningless as well this letter pronounced "k" as English another letter in Italian pronounced the same sound in Italian why they keep this meaningless letter?

The pronunciation of Ciliegia is like Chill but Chilo is like Kilo
Gino is like Gin but Ghiro is like Gift. Idem for letter E.
How you can see letter "H" is very important.
C (before letters A, O, U), K, have the same pronunciation named "hard" like Can, Kind: for exemple Cane, Koala. Letter Q is ever Q+U like Cool, never lonely like Qantas.
There are other symbol that can replace the combination GH unless they invent new one.
The combination CH may be replaced by K, but would not be more Italian.

With a title for something, be it writing or other, which words should start with capital letters?

It seems most, or all things that have titles with all the words in it, begin with a capital letter. Whether it's a list of programs in a TV guide, or the title of what is contained in the window or tab you have open (are using) on your computer, - all the words in such titles, seem to begin with a capital letter. Even with words such as: and, of, the, be, are, on, for. Is that necessary?

that depends what the title is. The first word is always a capital letter. Like, 'On the Moon' . It isn't necessary for the 'the' to be a capital letter. 'of' also does not need to be a capital letter unless it is the first word. Like, 'Wheel of Knowledge'.

So, if the word is important in the title, it has to be a capital letter.

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