What Is The Coldest Nfl Game Ever Played?

Are you watching the global warming show on CBS or the third coldest game in NFL history?

Is it just me or do these things always air when it is colder than normal? Seems less effective to me when it's so cold.

NFL...duh, lol

Who has the NFL record for being the oldest to play?

George Blanda played for 26 season, is he also the oldest to play in a game? ?

If he's not, then Morten Anderson is very close to it.

edit: Andersen had stated that his goal was to be the first NFL player to play until he turns 50 in 2010. However he retired December 8, 2008 – just two days after he would have become the oldest person ever to play in an NFL game, if he had gotten a contract. The record held by George Blanda still stands – Blanda played in his last NFL game on January 4, 1976 (the 1975 AFC Championship) at the age of 48 years, 109 days

When did the NFL start playing overtime?

What year did the NFL start using overtime for time game is the regular season? In NCAA Football what is the record for most overtime periods? The MIZZOU/Tennessee game Saturday went 4 overtime periods. Is that a record?

The 1st NFL Regular season game to go to Overtime was played between the Pittsburgh Steelers & Denver Broncos, on September 22nd, 1974, the game ended in a 35-35 tie

The longest College Football game ever was played between the Arkansas Razor Backs & Kentucky Wildcats on November 1st, 2003, the game went to 7 OTs & the final score was 71-63

What is the best snow bowl game of all time?

The game doesn’t have to have any merit as far what was on the line, if there was a game that was a blizzard, like the independence bowl in 2000.

I'd say my favorite was the "Freezer Bowl", the 1981-82 AFC Championship Game. The San Diego Chargers came into Cincinnati after playing the week before in Miami. The air temperature in Cincinnati that day was -9 degrees F, but a 27 mph wind proved to be a factor, as the game was the coldest on NFL record in terms of wind chill (-59 degrees). The Bengals' offensive line famously played the entire game without sleeves, and the Bengals won 27-7, sending them to their first ever Super Bowl.

Can anyone help me find videos of Terry Crews playing football in the NFL?

Terry Crews the Actor was also a former NFL player. I cannot find any footage of him actually playing though. I need help.

Terry Crews was drafted in the NFL in 1991 as a outside linebacker by the san diego chargers
In 1995 Terry Crews played for the NFL Europe team Rhein Fire and lead team in sacks with 5 in there 10 game season. Then after the season the Washington Redskins signed Crews for the 1995-96 season in which he played in every game that season.
Terry Crews officially retired from the NFL in 1997
Played college ball at western michigan as an all conference defensive end
His career stats in college from 1987-1990 are:
138 tackles
23 tackles for loss
7 sacks

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