What Is The Coldest Month Of The Year?

Western Oregonians: What do you think the average hottest and coldest month is in Western Oregon?

And shouldn't the coldest and hottest month be six months apart? Because December in the northern hemisphere is like June in the southern hemisphere. And the hottest month in one hemisphere is the coldest month in the other hemisphere, correct? Oh and I live in Philomath, Oregon.

according to Weather.com
the coldest month is December and the warmest month is a tie between July and August

Why is it in Oregon, January is the coldest month, and August is the hottest month?

I thought the hottest/coldest month were supposed to be six months apart. In Oregon, is it January and August, just to be sure?

Here's a data source where you can see for yourself the coldest temperatures occur in January and the warmest temperatures are in July.


When will it start to get warmer in nj?

When will it start to get warmer and which month is the coldest month in nj?

January usually takes the cake for the coldest month. Usually by late March, early April does New jersey begin seeing mid 40 degree temps.

If January was the coldest month, would July have to be the hottest month?

I thought this because the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are opposites, and the hottest and coldest month would have to be six months apart for both hemispheres to have even time patterns. They wouldn't be even if the months were seven months apart, for instance, because the opposite hemispheres will switch and make it uneven for time to change the same rate. Hope this makes sense. Am I right? Well it could be February/August for coldest/hottest and opposite for Southern Hemisphere.

in most of the Northern Hemisphere, January is the coldest month, while July is the hottest month
and it is reverse in the Southern Hemisphere

there are some places where January and July are not extremes. These are usually places in maritime climates. For example, in San Francisco CA, September is the warmest month.

the reason for January and July is because is they are both shortly after solstices. This is just after a region gets the amount of maximum/minimum solar radation. Because it takes energy to heat or cool a region, and the earth is still warming up(or cooling down) right after a solstice

where is the coldest place on earth other that the Artic?

I mean an inhabited place.

The Antarctic. Antarctica is the coldest, windiest and driest place on Earth. It has no indigenous residents, but there are a lot of scientists and the various bases are staffed year round, including the base at the south pole. The next coldest place that has actual cities and people would be Siberia.

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