What Is The Coldest Letter Of The Alphabet?

Best way to teach a child to recognize the letters in the alphabet?

My son just turned 5 and will be starting kindergarden next school year. He can say the alphabet, and he knows about 10 of letters when he sees them. I am trying flash cards....but I don't seem to be having much luck yet. Is there a better way to teach this?

My son is the same age and I am doing 3 things to teach the abcs. The first is a big cute poster on his wall of the animal alphabet. Each letter, upper and lower case, is on the poster with the animal that begins with that letter. We do a wooden puzzle of the alphabet and I name the letters as we are looking for them. We also do Alphabet work books, so we can practice writing each letter. My son is a hands on learner and I find doing the puzzles and practicing our writing have really helped him out. Another piece of good advice. Have your son learn to write his name before you move on to other letters. Write his name out on a piece of hard construction paper. Cover it in plastic. Have him trace the letters of his name. Once he can write his name without any effort, move on to the other letters of the alphabet. This breaks it down a little and it won't seem so overwhelming. Make learning fun so your child looks forward to learning more.

Why are there 3 different spellings of Kyrgyzstan?

I have several friends from the Kyrgyz Republic and according to them, in English the correct spelling of their country is Kyrgyzstan, but I've also seen it spelled as Kyrghyzstan and Kirghizstan as well. I was wondering does anyone know why there are 3 different spellings of Kyrgyzstan?

The name was originally written in another alphabet--probably Arabic, since, according to D. Sl Parlett's A Short Dictionary of Languages, the Kirgiz (that's the way Parlett spells it) language was first written in that script. According to Parlett, Kirgiz shifted to the Latin alphabet after the Russian Revolution; but there may also have been a period when it used the Russian alphabet (just my conjecture).

Transliterating from one alphabet to another can be a bit iffy, since there may be more than one letter in the new alphabet that corresponds to the letter in the first one or represents the sound Possibly, too, one spelling in our alphabet was translated from the Arabic alphabet and another from the Russian one, or different transliterators simply used different Latin letters to represent the same sound. And of course the vowels in English are not pronounced the same way as they are in most Western European languages!

In any case, the h that appears after the g in some spellings was probably put there to make it clear that the g is hard and not pronounced like a j.

can anyone tell me what Qoph means, they are a swedish band?

i think it might be an anogram or something but who knows, being as they are swedish it could have meaning

qoph (plural qophs) or qof (plural qofs) or kof (plural kofs) or koph (plural kophs)


19th letter of Hebrew alphabet: the 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, represented in the English alphabet as 'q'

[< Hebrew qōph< Semitic, 'eye of a needle']

What the Italian alphabet letter "h" used for since that is silent letter in Italian?

Excel Italian used letter "H" for combined the letter "c" and letter "G" before that the Italian letter "h" seem meaningless because it's silent letter why not Italian abandon this letter for the combined letter "c"and letter "g" we could use another symbol? and I think Italian letter "q" is meaningless as well this letter pronounced "k" as English another letter in Italian pronounced the same sound in Italian why they keep this meaningless letter?

The pronunciation of Ciliegia is like Chill but Chilo is like Kilo
Gino is like Gin but Ghiro is like Gift. Idem for letter E.
How you can see letter "H" is very important.
C (before letters A, O, U), K, have the same pronunciation named "hard" like Can, Kind: for exemple Cane, Koala. Letter Q is ever Q+U like Cool, never lonely like Qantas.
There are other symbol that can replace the combination GH unless they invent new one.
The combination CH may be replaced by K, but would not be more Italian.

Is Jesus Christ the name of the messiah in the New Testament or is it Yahoshua ha Moshiach?

Most christians do not know the actual name of the messiah. They say it says Jesus Christ in the King James version , but nobody of the time of the messiah spoke King James English. Tell me how the name Jesus came about?

Yahoshua is about as close to His actual name as I have found. The pronunciation is more important than the spelling. When changing a name from one language to another it is normal procedure to change the spelling of the name using alphabet characters of the new language so that the people speaking the new language will pronounce the name as close as possible to the original pronunciation. IOW, the spelling of the name may change but the pronunciation remains the same. not going from Yahoshua in Hebrew to Jesus in English.

Ha Moshiach means the Messiah.

Things got messed up during the transliteration of His Name.

Going from Hebrew to Greek they changed the Y to an I. Then they changed the ending of His Name to "ous" instead of "ua" because a "ua" ending would indicate a feminine name in Greek.

They ended up with the Greek name of Iesous.

The English alphabet originally did not have a letter J. When the letter "J" was first introduced to the English alphabet, it was used as a capital letter "i". Only later did the letter "J" receive its own unique sound and position in the English alphabet.

When transliterating names from Greek to English they changed the Greek letter "i" to the English letter "J" which was then pronounced like the letter "i".

The Name became Jesus in English but the J was pronounced like an i.

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