What Is The Biggest University In The World?

what is the biggest fresh water fish in the world?

i don't mean the biggest fish ever caught, i mean which breed. could you possibly also answer the biggest saltwater or freshwater fish in the world, or the smallest fish in the world? thanks. : )

Biggest freshwater fish is the Wells catfish, biggest is in excess of seven-hundred pounds.

Biggest saltwater fish is of course the whale shark, unless you want to consider the Carcharodon megalodon the biggest, which was only at sixty-seven feet, but was rumored to be in excess of a hundred.

Smallest? Who really cares?

What is the second biggest building in the world?

well...not the tallest building...but the second biggest...we were having a debate about the pentagon being the biggest building in the world and...the second biggest beeing the Romanian houses of parliament in Bucharest...i just wanted to know if that is true

Its large manufacturing/warehouse secret location built to process minerals for the nuclear bombs etc.

What is the biggest number in the world?

I have alwayz wanted to knw wht the biggest numbers ws but i never found out. so what is the biggest number in the world?

There is no biggest number....even if someone found the biggest number, i could make it bigger by adding 1...so it would go on for ever...

Why are the ranking of university in the UK and the world different?

So, I checked QS university ranking website and compare it to university ranking in UK. I spotted that University of Manchester is around top 30 in the world but has lower ranking than a lot of universities in United Kingdom if we look at the UK ranking. Also, Oxford is number one university in UK while Cambridge is the top university in the world. What is going on? Which one is more reliable? It doesn't matter, but I am just wondering why it differs significantly in UK.

There are several UK league tables, each one has varying rankings. Does it really matter that much?

Why does the Philippines have some of the biggest malls in the world, even though were considered a 3rd world?

We have some of the biggest malls in the world near the poorest people in our country, it just seems like our priorities right now is not in order?

That's our problem. We used to think 3rd world country have nothing. Actually, they're rich. Only their government give this image to us. Some 3rd world countries paid $20,000 for 1986 model toyota super saloon. Plus its only cash in one time. Can you believe that? So, no wonder there's had biggest malls.

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