What Is Tf Card?

Is it okay if I use any card reader for my micro SD card or the TF card reader that came with it?

In the Package i got for M3 DS it came with the micro SD card and the TF card reader,but I guess i lost the card reader and was kinda wonderin if i could use any micro sd card reader or the TF reader I first got.

You can use any card reader, provided it has the correct slot, as they are designed to be used in many different devices.

Often you get an adapter that converts the MicroSD card to a regular SD card, which is supported by virtually all card readers (because MicroSD is so small).

Hope this helps :-)

the laptop is not reading SD card?

I have a 16 GB SD card for my Nikon camera. I put the card into my laptop but the laptop is not reading the card. Any suggestions?

First try a different SD card, it might be the card is bad.

If you still have problems and its all SD carfds then buy a multicard reader that can read many types of memory card, they cost like $10.

my mom had one pan card. she don't know that she has. again now she applied for another card.?

my mom had one pan card. she don't know that she has. again now she applied for another card. will the new card will be the duplicate of old card or it is a new account number. should i cancel the first card?

If she has provided same information as before, then she will get duplicate PAN card.
If she gets a new PAN card, she must surrender it.

For all the India PAN card related links, visit http://mytaxes.in/index.php?topic=13.0

Let X be an infinite set and Y be a finite set. Show that X has the same cardinality as X U Y.?

Set theory. Trying to show that the cardinality of X=cardinality of the union of X and Y. Since X is contained in X U Y, cardinality of X <= cardinality of X U Y. there exists an injective function from X to X U Y. Now we want to show that cardinality of X >= to cardinality of X U Y. So, we need to show that there is a surjective function from X to X U Y. This is the part I am stuck on. Thanks!

Bernstein's theorem ensures that card(X) = card(XUY) if card(X) ≤ card(XUY) and
card(XUY) ≤ card(X).

Obviously, card(X) ≤ card(XUY), since the inclusion map j : X → XUY is injective.

In order to prove that card(XUY) ≤ card(X), first suppose that Y = {ξ}, with ξ ∉ X.
Since card(X) = ∞, there exists an injective map ψ : X → X such that ψ(X) is a proper subset of X. Take α ∈ X \ ψ(X). (Here we do not use the choice axiom!)
Then, φ : XUY → X, φ|X = ψ, φ(ξ) = α, is an injective map.

Now we prove that card(XUY) ≤ card(X), provided card(Y) < ∞, making induction on
n = card(Y) < ∞.
If n = 0 then XUY = X.
Suppose that your assertion is true for some n ≥ 0 and let card(Y) = n+1, say
Y = {ξ(1), ..., ξ(n+1)}.
Here ξ : {1, 2, ..., n+1} → Y is a bjective map.
Pose Z = Y \ {ξ(n+1)} = {ξ(1), ..., ξ(n)}.
By the inductive hypothesis, card(XUZ) ≤ card(X), and by the first step card(XUY) ≤ card(XUZ).
It follows that card(XUY) ≤ card(X).


How can I buy minecraft without using a credit card or debit card?

My dad says that if he uses his credit card or debit card that they will keep on adding on to his card and we'll be broke

A lot of credit cards offer one time use credit card numbers - it's primarily used for online purchases from companies you've never dealt with before. I think it's been around for about 10 years. He could check if his credit card companies do this. The credit card companies have been offering this as a free service because it cuts down on the amount of money they have to pay out by cutting down on credit card fraud.

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