What Is Omental Hernia?

Since, you can get a hernia from coughing,...?

what are the symptoms? Do you feel a lot of pain or just mild? Is it possible that coughing can just strain the muscles & not be a hernia? If the pain goes away almost completely can you still have a hernia & does it need to be checked?

A hernia is caused by bowel or omental fat protruding through a congenital defect in the abdominal musculature or in the inguinal ring. If the defect is present straining or coughing can push some bowel through the defect. This is called a hernia. It usually appears as a swelling in the groin which can increase with cough or bearing down. It is not painful unless the bowel becomes trapped or pinched in the hernia sac. Then surgery is indicated and the defect is closed with mesh to prevent recurrence. Hernias can be present on both sides of the body.

What is a hernia and can woman get them too?

Okay, let's try this from the top. A hernia is a weakening in a muscle, which allows the contents it is holding to push through. Yes, men and women both can get them. There are several forms. Not just inguinal or hiatal. There are sliding, vaginal, omental, scrotal, umbilical, ventral ...the list goes on and on. No one gender is more prone than the other. It generally has to do more with your activity level and also ties in with some disease processes.

What causes a hernia to form?

I've done some research but all the same: when an organ slips through the tissue, blah blah i know. what i want to know is if there's anything that you do in the past to cause a hernia to occur?

A hernia is a weakness and eventually potentially a tearing in the muscle wall. This can be caused by heavy lifting among other things. If you suspect a hernia, see a doctor immediately. I ruptured hernia or hernia where blood flow is being stopped is potentially life threatening. See what you are facing.

abdominal hernia?

My son had two "lumps" pop up above his belly button about two weeks ago. He complained of a "stomach ache" the day before. A trip to the pediatrician confirmed that he had two small "omental hernias". The pediatrician was able to push the two lumps back into his abdominal cavity without too much difficulty. he scheduled an appointment for today with a surgeon. The surgeon saw him today, and because they had been pushed back into place by the pediatrician, he could not feel the lumps at all. He sent my son for an abdominal ultrasound, and the radiologist said everything looked perfectly normal to him. We are sheduled to see the surgeon again on 1/2/07. Is it possible that the two seperations that allowed the fatty tissue to bulge through two weeks ago, are healed? Will they do nothing as long as they stay in place like they are now? I know these are really questions only the surgeon can answer, but wondered if anyone else had experienced a disappearing hernia?

Hernias can fall into major catagories, reducable and non-reducable. What you son has is a reducable hernia, as your doctor was able to push it back in place. And to answer your question, if a hernia exists it did not go away. The only way to correct this is with surgery. Over time most hernias will grow and get worse. If you want some real answers then i suggest you talk to a hernia doctor. These doctors only work on hernias and they are darn good at it. If you log on to the North Penn hernia inst. they have a blog where dr. Goodyear will answer your questions.

are dogs with umbilical hernia deadly?

I have a dog and he is 4months old. he is feeling some pain so we brought him to the vet but the vet said he has hernia. since hee didn't tell us what kind of hernia he has I reaserched it and told my mom. My mom said it's umbilical. I read some articles about dogs with umbilical hernia and said it was deadly but still im not yet satisfied. Im so worried abt my dog. :( Please help :(

An umbilical hernia is deadly only when the bowel is trapped in the hernia and it is not surgically corrected right away,Hernias are usually repaired during spay/neutering surgery.

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