What Is Niall Horans Favorite Color?

What is Niall Horan's favorite color?

I absolutely LOVE Niall Horan from One Direction. He is my absolute favorite. I thought his favorite color was green, but i looked it up to make sure and and i got a lot of answers that said blue and a lot of answers that said green. So i am confused on his favorite color and would just like to know.

sites say that it is green and blue
but he said that his favorite color is blue :)

whats wrong with niall horans foot?

on the BRIT Awards, when 1D won award I saw niall on crutches whats wrong with his foot??? xx

He got a very serious knee surgery on his left knee. His knee always had something wrong with it, but he was fine until a couple months ago. :)

Facts about Niall Horan?

I am doing a project on Niall Horan. I need some facts, his favorite things, food, books, movies, music, clothes, TV and stuff

born in Mullingar Ireland 13th 1993 by his mum Maura and his dad bobby
has an older brother named greg
Favorite colour is GREEN
Left Handed
has a man crush on michael buble
his celebrity crush is cheryl cole
favourite aftershave is armani mania
niall thinks that rabbits are pointless.
Favorite movie is GREASE,
he likes justin bieber

What to get my Niall Horan-loving friend?

Ok so my best friends birthday is coming up. I was GOING to get her a Niall Horan (yes from one direction) cardboard cutout but our other friend has already got it. Any ideas as to what niall-ish thing i should get her?

Find a guy who looks kinda like Niall and pay him to give her a lap dance.

what is zayn malik from one directions birthday?

i just starting being a one directioner and im new to this stuff any facts about niall and zayn would be much apprieciated! ;) xo

Niall and Zayn both sometimes feel as if they don't belong in One Direction.
Niall thinks that directioners are the most beautiful people in the whole world.
Niall really likes Subway's Meatball Marinara sandwiches.
Niall was actually supposed to have a twin but it was miscarried. Niall was lucky to have even been born.
When Niall hugs someone he always buries his face in their neck. Thats why people love his hugs so much.
Niall has a bra collection from all the bras that Directioners have thrown at him.
Zayn's 1st kiss was when he was 9.
When Zayn feels bored he will sometimes google himself.
Zayn never smokes in front of his sisters, because he doesn't want to be a bad influence for them.
Zayn wishes he were taller.
During an interview at the MIB3 premiere, Zayn confirmed that he's not single.


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