What Is Mjolnir Made Of?

How to pronounce the word mjolnir?

How exactly do you pronounce mjolnir? Like the Halo mjolnir armor or Thor's hammer. If it helps the word means crusher.


Is it okay to wear a Mjolnir Pendant if you're a Christian?

My best friend got me a Mjolnir Pendant for my birthday. I really like it, I think it's neat looking. I even did a bunch of research on it. I believe in God however and I was wondering if the Mjolnir contradicts that? If I did wear it I would be wearing it honor me and my friends friendship(and whatnot) not to honor Thor exactly. Is this still okay?

In my personal opinion it is wrong for you to wear the Mjolnir pendant if you are a Christian for a variety of reasons. First of all, it is a symbol of Norse Paganism, a.k.a. Asatru. The Mjolnir symbol is to the followers of the Norse Gods as the crucifix is to Christians. You wearing it would be a disgrace to people like me who believe in the gods. Also, Christianity is an enemy to Asatru, you're missionaries destoryed so much of the Nordic culture it's not even funny.

Does anyone know why Thors hammer from to human has the same name as master chiefs armor suit?

I noticed that Thor's hammer is named "Mjolnir" and that's also the name of Master Chiefs suit I was wondering if this was just a sign of respect to bungie or if anyone knew why it was named after Master Chief?


Halo never made up the idea of Thor's Hammer... they took it from mythology.

What site can I safely download Mjolnir remix from?

So I was wondering if there is a site out there that I can safely download the Halo 2 theme song Mjolnir remix from?

Download it from Limewire. It's really safe and doesn't try to download porn onto your computer or anything :)

What if thor attacks capt. America and he blocks with his shield?

So basically an unstoppable hammer colides with an in destructible shield?

I agree with those who say that nothing would happen. Neither weapon could destroy the other, as both seem to have about the same degree of resilience and indestructibility. As for which of the two weapons is more powerful, then that goes to Thor's hammer. Check this info from the Marvel website:

Captain America’s Shield: Captain America's only weapon was his shield, a concave disk 2.5 feet in diameter, weighing 12 pounds. It is made of a unique Vibranium-metal alloy that has never been duplicated. … The shield was awarded to Captain America by the government several months after the beginning of his career. The shield has great aerodynamic properties: it is able to slice through the air with minimal wind resistance and deflection of path. Its great overall resilience, combined with its natural concentric stiffness, enables it to rebound from objects with minimal loss of angular momentum. It is virtually indestructible: it is resistant to penetration, temperature extremes, and the entire electromagnetic spectrum of radiation. THE ONLY WAY IT CAN BE DAMAGED IN ANY WAY IS BY TAMPERING WITH ITS MOLECULAR BONDING.

Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir): Thor wields Mjolnir, a hammer forged from uru metal. Mjolnir is virtually unbreakable, and allows Thor to command the powers of the storm, causing rain, thunder and lightning. Thor can channel the storm’s fury into devastating blasts of energy that can destroy even secondary Adamantium. He can also channel his godly energies through Mjolnir into blasts so powerful that they can slay even immortals. Mjolnir can absorb other energies into itself, which Thor can then release.

Mjolnir obeys Thor’s commands as though it were alive, and if Thor’s will is strong enough, the hammer can pass through nearly any barrier to reach him should he so desire. Using this command over Mjolnir’s flight path, Thor is able to use the hammer to fly, achieving escape velocities. Mjolnir can also transform Thor into his civilian guises. When Thor is a civilian, the hammer most often becomes an old wooden cane. While employing a mortal guise, Thor will transform back into his mortal form should he be separated from Mjolnir for more than 60 seconds.

By spinning Mjolnir in a circle, Thor can open portals to other dimensions. Formerly, it also allowed him to travel in time, but Immortus removed this power. Enchantments surrounding Mjolnir prevent it from being wielded by anyone except those who have been found worthy. Thus far, this includes Thor, Odin, Tiwaz, Red Norvell, Beta Ray Bill, Captain America and Eric Masterson. To anyone else, Mjolnir cannot be lifted from the ground nor wrested from Thor’s grip.

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