What Is Mj From Generations Real Name?

What type of human or being would be produced from generations of incest?

It is known that incest causes genetic mutations, or variances but what would come from 10+ generations of incest.

After so many generations the deformed mothers no longer are able to cary to full term babies or even die in birth. Thus, the end of a long mutated line.

You can see this in cats on any given ally where spaying or neutering is uncommon.

Did the internet cause a huge gap between generations X and Y and the fading generations?

The youth today is less restrained then the fading generations growing up. The youth has more outlets to find information then just book, newspapers, TV, and elders. The youth also sticks together more then the fading generations did.

As a member of the "Fading generation" that invented the personal computer, the internet and implemented them ever since the very first one, I would say you have no idea what your talking about. No offense intended but nobody of your generation understands any of this stuff the way my generation does. When you bought your computer you bought software I wrote no matter what operating system you have on it.

how did islam spread after muhammad's death?

uhmm i need help with my homeworlk can someone plz help me

After Muhammad's death the Arabs had a stronger encouragement to spread Islam rather than staying with the comforting company of their beloved prophet. When Muhammad was alive most of them prefer to stay with him rather than going out spreading Islam

After Muhammad died, Islam spread through a viral conversion system. This method was somewhat mentioned in Muhammad's last Sermon. Basically, when a person converts to Islam he also becomes a converter as well. It's like Multi level marketing. If 1 preachers convert 10 people, after 2 generations there will be 100 preachers... after 3 generations there will be 1000 preachers... after 4 generations 10000 preachers... so you get the idea...

Whats does PR UKC mean?

I have been seeing this a lot lately with thick or "bully style" pit bulls, that a month ago did not have PR in from of the UKC. what does the PR stand for? thanks

"Purple Ribbon" is what it means.

Purple Ribbon-bred dogs have six generations of known ancestors and all 14 ancestors within the last three generations must be registered with U.K.C.

what does 'cousin twice or once removed' mean??

okay so i always wanted to know this. i guess i heard it in movies and stuff.. so when people say oh this is my first cousin twice removed, what does that mean????? please answer thanks!!

that means how many generations the person is above or below your generation. a first cousin twice removed would be your cousin's grandchildren because they are two generations away from your generation.

wikipedia gives the same answer as I do. Under the topic "cousin," wikipedia says:

"A system of degrees and removes is used to describe the relationship between the two cousins and the ancestor they have in common. The degree (first, second, third cousin, etc.) indicates the minimum number of generations between either cousin and the nearest common ancestor; the remove (once removed, twice removed, etc.) indicates the number of generations, if any, separating the two cousins from each other.

For example, a person with whom you share a grandparent is your first cousin; someone with whom you share a great-grandparent is a second cousin. Where your relationship to the nearest common ancestor is different from your cousin's relationship then the term "removed" is used to indicate this, for example the child of your first cousin is your first cousin once removed because there is a generation between you."

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