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How can I convert 2D to 3D on Vizio 3D TV?

I have a 55" Vizio 3D LED TV and am having trouble finding the 2D to 3D conversion menu. Can someone please help me out?

You got ripped off. Vizio does not have this feature on their 3D passive models. I'm aware that LG's cinema 3D TV has this feature but not too sure about other models. If you bought your Vizio at Walmart, you got ripped off. They usually promote Vizio to the max.

Chemistry - Number of formula units?

I have to "calculate the number of formula units of magnesium oxide for both the theoretical value and the experimental value." mass: Theoretical - 28.19341564mg Experimental - 28mg now how do I do that? note that I have no idea what is "the number of formula units", I read what was on wiki, but didn't help

Formula units is the ionic equivalent of covalent molecules. You call them formula units because unlike covalent molecules, an ionic "molecule" never exists as a single "molecule" but rather a 3 dimensional structure composed of thousands of such units. So essentially, 2NaCl <-- that's 2 formula units of NaCl, 20,000 NaCl <--- that's 20,000 formula units of NaCl.

On to the question... just use stoichiometry to figure out the values
molar mass of MgO = 40.305 g/mol

28.19341564 mg MgO x (1 g MgO/1000 mg MgO) x (1 mole MgO/40.305 g MgO) x (6.022 x 10^23 formula units MgO/1 mole MgO) = 4.2124 x 10^20 formula units MgO

28 mg MgO x (1 g MgO/1000 mg MgO) x (1 mole MgO/40.305 g MgO) x (6.022 x 10^23 formula units MgO/1 mole MgO) = 4.1835 x 10^20 formula units MgO (4.2 x 10^20 for 2 sig figs)

How do I get the MGO Expansions after buying them?

I just purchased the expansions in the mgo shop. Now im confused on how do i get them?

to get the MGO expansions, you need to pay homage to The Great MGO diety by buying him a case of diet coke with lime. do this and you will get what you want.

The only app that works on my Vizio Tv is Netflix?

I just bought a brand new Vizio 32" smart tv And the only app that works is netflix, and there is a netflix button on the remote so I just press it. When I try to press the V button for the apps, nothing happens and all the buttons on the remote (other than the power button) stop working Same goes for when I press the amazon button and the other MGO button. I can't bring up the App menu at all.

Check the manual, and if it's not working as described, take the TV back for being defective. Exchange it or get a refund.

Can you use Yahoo Messenger on Vizio XVT323SV LED TV?

This VIZIO HDTV includes the VIZIO Internet Apps feature (VIA), and it comes pre-loaded with Amazon Video on Demand, Flickr, Netflix, Rhapsody, Twitter, VUDU and Yahoo TV Widgets, ready to launch on-screen at the touch of a single button on the premium Bluetooth universal remote control.

VIZIO XVT323SV 32-Inch Full HD 1080p http://amzn.to/hPjOfn

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