What Is Ky Timezone?

whats better? Timezone or the Movies?

im having a party for my friend, and i don't know where to have it. i was thinking maybe, Timezone or the Movies?

why not do what i used to when i was a teen ........both!

out timezone was a couple of streets away from the cinemas...so we'd go with $20 play games ,then go get movie tix and sit in cinema with a tonne of toys [we used to win the skilltester toys all the time lol]......so many good memories of both .....

personally if i had to pick one over the other .....i would love timezone [cant go to ours it closed down]

phpBB timezone issues?

I have recently revived a phpbb forums and have 1 main issue that still needs resolving. The timezone on the forums is out of sync. My admin profile timezone is set to GMT, and in the admin panel forum configuration, it is set to GMT, however, the forum timezone still stays out of sync. I have tried to counter this by setting it to GMT + & - as it is around 2 hours behind. This does nothing. I would appreciate if someone could tell me how to fix this issue. Thanks

The timezone in the Admin panel only sets the board default for guests and all new registered users. For accounts that have already been created, you'll need to set your own personal timezone in your Profile settings. :)

In what IB timezone is America?

Does anyone know? Thanks!

Timezone 1 is North and South America.
Timezone 2 is the rest of the world.

What timezone is the world going to end tomorrow?

I'm having an "End of the World" party and would like to know when I should serve my hor d'oeuvres.

Mayans used the Central timezone (like New Orleans), so I would assume that the world is going to end when it hits midnight tonight in the central timezone. Or alternatively, 11pm in the Mountain time zone, 10pm in Pacific, 1am in Eastern.

What time zone is northern Texas?

And then how do I convert Pacific timezone to Texas' timezone?

Texas is in the central timezone. To convert from Pacific, just add two hours.
For example, if it's 4:00 in California, it will be 6:00 in Texas.

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