What Is Ifit Compatible?

I wonder if I could add a SD card reader to my ifit compatable treadmill.?

My treadmill has a USB port used to for the Ipod and I am curious if it would work to plug in my SD cardreader and use the ifit workout cards for it. Also, if anyone knows how I can get treadmill workout programs for my treadmill for free that would rock.


Is your Treadmill iFit or iFIT.com compatible? There is a significant difference between the two...

iFit uses the newer CARDS system, while the iFIT.com systems allow you to connect your fitness equipment to your computer, or audio / video equipment...


To your main question above, the answer is No...

The USB "port" connector on your treadmill is not as much a USB port, as is it a 5 Volt supply used to charge or power your iPod... which uses the standard "USB Connector".

The connector does not have USB connectivity to anything inside your treadmill.


Additionally... the iFit workout cards are not SD Card compatible. they are slightly different... I could be wrong here, but I believe that they will not work in the SD cardreader, and vice-versa (SD cards will not work on your treadmill)..


Finally, I am not aware of any publicly available software that will allow you to make-up exercise programs for loading into an iFit card (or even an SD card - if that did indeed work).



What's iFit and how do you use it?

I just got a new Proform 8.0 ZT Treadmill for christmas and it comes with iFit. I wanna know what it is and how I can use it. Are there things I need to buy for iFit?

There are workout programs on the cards---I found this website for you so that you can try and look things up

Do treadmills/bikes/ellipticals in gyms have iFit slots?

I am trying to convince my sister-in-law about how great iFit cards/chips are, but she goes to the gym to work out (I have a treadmill with an iFit slot at home). Do gyms allow you to bring in an iFit chip to use on their machine? Do the machines in the gym have an iFit slot? Thanks.

I hadn't heard about that but it sounds like a good idea! Sorry I don't know the answer!

Can two people use the same ifit workout card?

We are buying a NordicTrack treadmill with an ifit slot. The ifit website says the cards automatically advance to the next workout each time you insert them. Is there a way to control which workout it runs? We'd both like to be able to use it but don't want to pay for two cards every time.

I have a Nordic Track treadmill as well and just got the iFit chip. Although it automatically advances to the next workout when you put in the chip, you can select whichever workout you want using the up/down arrows next to the iFit slot on the treadmill. I just did workout 1 twice in a row by using the down arrow when it automatically put workout 2 on. iFit is AWESOME!! If you have a chance definitely get a treadmill with a iFit slot! Short answer, yes you can have two people use the same iFit card without a problem.

ifit cards for a stationary bike?

I was thinking of buying these ifit cards for my new proform stationary bike to help me lose weight. I was wondering if they are worth the money and really help in the weight loss process. Any feedback is appreciated. THANKS.

Download a free sample program and see how you like it.


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