What Is Ib Updater?

Question about dyndns and registered domain ?

I recently joined dyndns.com. I wanted to register a new domain but the problem is that I have a dynamic IP address and I do not know whether or not the dynamic IP updater works for the registered/paid domain because I have only tried it with a sub-domain.I I would appreciate it if someone would help me through this problem. Thanks

I use dyndns.com and my ISP allocates me with dynamic IP addresses. If I reboot my router I will normally be allocated a different address. The dyndns updater normally kicks in after a few minutes and updates my domain name registered with dyndns to point to my new address. If it is being a little slow, I have on occasions stopped and restarted the updater, and it updates within a few seconds.

If you go to one of the DNS look up web sites and put in your registered domain name, it should confirm that the address has been updated correctly.

Can someone show me how to reduce Windows Updater default bandwidth in Windows 7?

Windows Updater reserves 20% of available bandwidth to check for these updates..I'm wondering if there's a way to get some of the bandwidth back from this service by lowering it to say 5% through the registry..Or perhaps I could shut it off entirely and just manually check whenever I need to? My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

This link:


claims to do what you want, but I have to admit that when I tried it on both my Vista Home Premium and my XP Home machines, neither could find gpedit.msc. Maybe you'll have better luck.

Hope that helps.

How can you download minecraft without paying?

I Downloaded This Noob Version , But Then When I Ex-ed It Out , Then Opened It Back Up , It Wouldn't Let Me Continue Playing. So I Got Mad , Now , I REALLY Want To Play The Actual Version . Is There A Way To Download The The Actual Minecraft Without Paying $25 ?

They are cracked versions...
I would not suggest this, rather to buy the video game itself...
Here is a very famous person's post of a minecraft updater which works with minecraft updating and custom, changable username and a back up system... He is AnjoCaido... Search on google: AnjoCaido Minecraft Launcher
AnjoCaido Minecraft Updater
They both work and they can do multiplayer... Some require Hamachi but some (known as cracked servers) can run on both premium, cracked...

How to see emojis on android phones?

I have the Samsung galaxy s3 and I can't see emojis. Is there an app to make them show up? Or would I need to jailbreak my phone? I have no idea how to jailbreak a phone soo I really hope there's an app!!

Emoji is not native to Android, only IOS..... but SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anything is possible with android

rooting a GS3.... here you go


once rooted... you'll need these 2 apps.... Emoji font updater hack... and emoji keyboard, both by the same developer klncity1



Open up the Emoji font updater.... download emoji font... then backup current existing font (just in case something bad happens to your phone later down the road in your android hacking life).... then apply emoji font.... it will want to reboot the phone.... ok... reboot phone.... now you will SEE emojis anywhere on the phone, on any app, on any website... and with the keyboard, you'll be able to tpye emojis anywhere, on any app, on any website....


Can't update on linux xandros?

Each time when i try to update anything on my Eee PC the updater crashes and nothing happens, running linux xandros. Any help?

How are you trying to update? What command or program are you using?
The links below might help.
Good luck

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