What Is Hj Desk?

what color should i wear for a front desk interview?

I applied for front desk position in a hotel and also in a dental office. The thing is that I don't know what color i should wear if i am called for either interview. Also, I don't know the style either, a suit or something else. Should I dressed very formal? Any advice?

You have to dress the same color as the front desk, duh! That's what fashion's all about, and what type of desk is it? Formal desk? Funky desk? Rubbish desk? If it's funky then where funky!
Just go with the flow... LOL

??Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk??

You know, from Alice in Wonderland. I need to know because this question has plagued me like a bad case of hemorrhoids!!

Why is a Raven like a Writing desk?
Because Poe wrote on both.
this means he wrote ABOUT both.
Why is a Raven like a Writing desk?
Because there is a B in both!
There is a B in Both, but not in Raven or Writing desk!

I need some ikea desk instructions?

The problem is that the desk that i bought is now discontinued and I had opened it when I first got it and took the instructions out and put them in a safe place, I only took them out because I thought I would be assembling it right then. But I guess I wasn't. All Im asking for is the instructions to the desk called NORBO.(That's what it said on the box- hah im not really sure if that is the name). And the size is 79x59 cm (31 1/8x23 1/4") 7 kg / 15 lbs The style is a fold up and fold down desk. Once again its from the store Ikea. Somebody PLEASE help me find the instructions.! Otherwise i cant put the desk up :(

The following is copied from the IKEA website.

8. How can I get Assembly Instructions?
Many of our products have Assembly Instructions that can be printed directly from our Website.
Click here for the listings of available instructions. If the Instructions you are looking for are not there please call us at 1-800-434-IKEA (4532) and we will be happy to send them to you via e-mail.

I didn't see NORBO listed, but you may find something on the list that matches something on the box.

For some reason, will I be unable to enter codes into the xbox marketplace?

When borderlands 2 comes out, and I get the codes from preordering, will there be a chance that Microsoft won't allow me to download them?

maybe open a help desk ticket:

How is a raven like a writing desk?

I recently picked up Alice in Wonderland, and came across the question "How is a raven like a writing desk?" asked by the Mad Hatter. It said in the footnotes that there was no answer they could find, but a man had made one up saying that "A raven and a writing desk are alike because they can both make notes, usually very flat." I remember hearing once that there was another answer, having something to do with Edgar Allen Poe, does anyone happen to know what it is?

Because Poe wrote on both.

and some other answers are:
They both stand on sticks.
'Because it can produce a few notes, though they are very flat; and is never put with the wrong end in front!'

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