What Is Evaluation?

Legal Custody in California?

Parents (24 and 25) are not married and the child (2) has the father's last name. They live in California. Who has legal custody? One of them is under psychological evaluation and unstable. The best interest of the child is also an issue here. Thanks for your support, A worried Grand-Mother

if one of them is having a psychological evaluation, then i think both of them will have to undergo the evaluation.

"unstable" to you is not necessarily unstable to the psychiatrist who will determine the evaluation results...

psych evaluations are very telling and a person's worst traits are determined throught his sort of testing proceure...

What do you call it when an employer prolongs an annual evaluation?

My employer withheld my annual evaluation and raise for 6weeks. I figured out that he did that because he was planning to demote me to a lessor position and I also believe that he did that because he wanted to see if I would just quit.

there is no law that says you get an evaluation or raise, there also is no law that says you cant be demoted, it is all company policy

What is the difference between evaluation and assessment in social work practice?

What is the difference between evaluation and assessment in social work practice? Are they the same? Thanks

Assessment and clinical evaluation is necessary to social work practice for developing an accurate understanding of clients and what is needs, to identify problems, and to serve as a basis for evaluating the effectiveness of helping interventions.

What is a program evaluation according to adult learning?

In this assignment you will complete a paper discussing the purpose and process of program evaluation, and then discuss the primary evidence that you think: would satisfy (1) the learners, (2) the facilitator, and (3) the agency financially underwriting the program.

The adult learning program evaluations consist of the following:

Assessment of the program's cost and efficiency
Assessment of the program's outcome or impact
Assessment of how the program is being implemented
Assessment of program design and logic/theory
Assessment of the need for the program

It depends on what program you are taking up that determines how your evaluation will be conducted I believe also. To help you better understand maybe you should do more research on the net also. Best of luck to you and your studies:)

What is an 'axis 1 diagnoses' in mental health?

Axis 1 is the main information on your Psychiatric evaluation. This lets the staff know what some of your diagnoses may be. The doctors will determine over time your true diagnoses. I recently recieved this on my evaluation.

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