What Is Dwp Eesa?

Will the DWP contact my employer?

I phoned the DWP on Thursday telling them that I had resigned from work and am struggling with depression. However, yesterday my boss asked me back to work and has given me a less stressful role within the company so I no longer wish to claim sick benefit. I received the claim pack to sign yesterday, to confirm the details I gave the DWP over the telephone. Will the DWP contact my employer about the claim I've already made? Or does the DWP wait until they've received the claim pack from myself, signed and dated? I really don't want my employer knowing about my trouble with depression.

The DWP won't contact you employer in this instance, the claim process wouldn't start until they received your claim pack back. You could make a courtesy call to the DWP to close off your claim.

do u lose your dwp pension if your sacked?

I take it you are asking this as a member, or ex member of DWP staff. It dpends on the terms of your dismissal. I would advise you to get in touch with your union, the PCS.

British state pension paid annually?

Some friends of mine (they are both over 80) receive a payment of Seven Pounds twenty eight pence each, every December from the DWP. The reference shows SP BGC. I'm guessing that SP is state pension, but does anyone have any idea of the BGC part and what is this money payable for. This is the only payment they receive from DWP. Thanks for your help. No it's not the Christmas bonus which is ten pounds sterling. I've been through the DWP and Gov.org web sites and can't find anything at all, but thanks anyway

I have no idea. Could it be a Christmas bonus? (See this link.)

how long do the dwp keep closed claims for before they are destroyed?

some are marked do not destroy but I think you will find six years is the norm which will work out to seven years in practice. anyone who as committed fraud will never get the records destroyed they will remain forever by fraud I mean DWP FRAUD

What software can I use to open DWP files?

Please help me guys.. I have an important video to open. But I don't know what kind of software I should use to open it.


According to this it is not a video file.

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