What Is Dnrd In Dubai?

How do you get a visa in Dubai when you are not staying in a hotel?

We are going for a holiday in Dubai and we are staying with a friend who lives there. We need a visa as my wife is Hungarian. The embassy says we need a sponsor which is usually a travel agent or hotel. Can we use my friend as the sponsor? She is Hungarian and on a working visa herself. I imagine a business associate or even maybe a UAE national could sponsor us but could our friend? We have this horrible feeling we cannot go and we must cancel our flights!

Your Hungarian friend (or who ever you are staying with) just needs to go to Dubai Foreigners Affairs Dept. (aka DNRD) and ask there is he can be the sponsor. If he goes via metro it is right next to Jafilya station / opposite side of Etisalat tower next to police branch there.

the usual requirements are

Your passport copies ( photograph must be clearly visible)
proof of Health insurance

please see this chart for the type of visas available / along with fees:

What are the rules for cancellation of dubai residence visa on non entry in Dubai?

I have a limited contract for 3 years work permit in dubai but i had to come back after 6 months for medical problems.Now i was told that if i do not enter Dubai for 6 months my visa will expire automatically.My medical will take 6 months. Is there any way to extend it for one more ,month so that i can return after 6 months?What can i do about it?

Your company PRO can apply for an approval from DNRD which is called IN-PASS for the people who have exhausted the 6 months period outside the UAE.
You have to provide the concrete documentary evidence like medical certificate/hospital admission records or any specific documents required by immigration office (DNRD)of your health problem which refrains you from coming back to UAE to your company's PRO. Its better to apply around one week prior to the expiry of your six months. Usually this IN-PASS is granted for the people who have genuine issues beyond their control like, if they have to attend any educational course for more then 6 months or medical issues and other.
I don't remember the DNRD exact fees but i think it is around AED 300 or AED 320. A few months back the immigration staff started more treating these kind of applications more strictly. If your company PRO has good PR skills he can get it done easily for sure.
Anyway wish you good luck

Wat I need to do in dubai DNRD office to get wife and kid's residence entry permit?

Hi, What steps i need to do in Dubai DNRD office to get wife and kid's residence entry permit? Which counter I need to approach? I have marriage and birth certificate attested. Any other documents required?Please advice.

You also need the documents translated into Arabic by a legal translator. Also needed: NoC of your employer, salary certificate, work contract (labor card for viewing), proof of health insurance through your employer, passport copies and passport photos. Just in case: take proof of proper accomodation.

The DNRD (Department of Naturalization and Residence, Dubai), is near the Trade Center roundabout next to the Police Department there. Also called the Immigration Department or Immigration Building.

Get forms, pay fees, and pay for typing at the typing office next to the bank (Commercial Bank of Dubai) at the main entrance of the Immigration Department.

First you'll have to apply for the "right" entry permit. After obtaining the results of the medical exam of your wife you can apply for the resicene visa and have to add the medical results the the above mentioned.

Please be able to find the right counter yourself. I don't know about Dubai but guess you have to get a number. Then just aproach the counter where your number appears.

Take care.

What will be the response of Abu Dhabi to the new Al Maktoum Airport of Dubai?

Abu Dhabi is richer than Dubai but why it's far behind Dubai's infra projects? Dubai has existing airport in the metropolis but decided to have another one just 40 kilometers away.

Why should Abu Dhabi have any respond to Dubai's new Airport?

I wouldn't call Abu Dhabi being far behind Dubai's infrastructure. Because of Dubai's less oil and gas reserves, Dubai had/has to focus on international tourism and inernational investments. This doesn't mean you won't find the same in Abu Dhabi, but Abu Dhabi's politics is more conservative and culture related.

can anyone give me a list of good universities for dentistry in dubai?

My friend is doing a course for dentistry, he chose to do his in Ajman (not too far from Dubai) if you want more detail I can find out for you.

And in Dubai, I've heard about this one, from my friends, check it out:

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