What Is A Quadruple Beer?

Why can't Carbon quadruple bond with another Carbon atom?

Carbon has a valence of four. It can form four bonds but it only forms compounds with single bonds (alkanes) double bonds (alkenes) or triple bonds (alkynes). Why not quadruple bonds between Carbon and Carbon?

Imagine such a molecule C2 in Lewis notation C::::C
See how crowded it is with electrons between the two carbons? And all these electrons are negatively charged. They want to get away from each other. Therefore the Carbon quadruple bond is unstable.
Even a triple bond, like in C2H2 is very reactive: add water => explosion.

What is a quadruple drop set?

I'm doing the "big man on campus" programme and I have to do a quadruple drop set on the overhead dumbbell triceps extension, what do I do for the quadruple drop set?

A drop set is when a person will perform an exercise with a certain weight until they've reached a point of failure (when fatigue allows you to no longer perform the exercise). Then you decrease the amount of weight and perform the exercise again till failure. By that method you can guess that a quadruple drop set is performing an exercise to failure and decreasing the weight 4 times. The key is no rest between each set. Here's how it would break down:

1st set: (heaviest weight you can do comfortably) 4-6 reps
2nd set: (-5 pounds) 8-10 reps
3rd set: (-5 pounds) 10-12 reps
4th set: (-5 pounds) 12-15 reps

Do you think any player currently could get a quadruple double?

In today's NBA, could ANY player get a quadruple double? What player do you think can accomplish this if it's possible?

Anybody could if a game goes enough overtimes

Realistically, probably Ibaka or Rondo. Maybe Lebron

In making a home-style wassail beer will too much alcohol be lost by heating it?

That canadian beer he just mentioned made me think it would be good for a mulled beer or wassail. Canadian with a cap "C"

Unless you are hell-bent on cooking your beer to produce this drink may I say, Don't Do It. First and as previously stated spiced-wassail style Beers are available on the market. Secondly, you will just ruin a nice beer to make a drink that is already brewed for you. Lastly, in the vain of saving the beer, you can use a cheaper beer than a Belgian or Belgian style beer. This is then is a good thing for both you and the beer. The beer you want, a spiced beer, will mask most if not all the subtle flavors anyway. So go cheap.

Can you make beer bread without beer?

I'm looking for a recipe for beer bread, but since I don't have any beer, how can I make a similar type of bread without the beer? Recipes and results would be helpful! Thank you kitchen helpers :)

If you want to make beer bread, you need beer. That is the leavening agent. If you want to make some other kind of bread, you would use a different leavening agent.

You can, of course, make it with non-alcoholic beer, if that is your concern:

If you make it with 7-Up, then it is 7-up bread.

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