What Happens If You Put Diesel In A Gas Car?

What would happen if I put diesel gas a car that doesnt take it?

If I put diesel gas in a car that doesnt take that kind of gas esp. a toyota. I know I should drain the gas...but what would happen if I didnt and just burned it out. i just want to know what exactly it would do to my car. if it didnt start and I had someone fix it and they burned the gas out instead of draining it...what would happen

Many different things will happen if you use diesel "fuel", not gas in a gas based car. The least of your problems if you do nothing to correct this by draining and refilling, is the car won't start. Trust me on this, a gasoline driven car WILL NOT START with diesel fuel in the tank.
From there, you would have to change your fouled plugs that would get fouled when you don't believe me and try to start you car and get diesel fuel all over the spark plugs.
Have fun.

What happens when you put diesel into a gas engine?

If you put diesel fuel into an auto with a gas engine, what happens to it?

Because gasoline and diesel are such different fuels, gasoline engines are not intended to run on diesel fuel. Attempting to do so can cause a host of problems.
Most likely, a gasoline engine will simply not run at all in this situation. The diesel fuel is likely to clog the fuel lines, fuel filters and fuel injectors. If the engine does run, it will likely give very poor performance. Because the cylinders in a gas engine do not produce the same temperatures and pressures as those in a diesel engine, the diesel fuel will not ignite properly, and can damage the engines timing cycle and the cylinder linings.

If you have accidentally put diesel fuel in gasoline-powered car, stop the car and pull over. If necessary, have the car towed to your home or to a repair shop.
The simplest solution is to simply siphon the diesel fuel out of the gas tank and refill the tank with regular unleaded gasoline. The car should run even if there is some diesel still in the fuel mixture. Expect lower fuel mileage, and more smoke in the exhaust, until the diesel fuel is flushed from the system.

Hope that helps.

How does driving a diesel car compare to driving a petrol car?

I'm not a complete beginner to driving, but the only experience i have is in my dads car which is a 2.0 diesel. Im just wondering if it is easier to stall a petrol, etc. Just wondering :) I'm starting my driving lessons tomorrow, and i'll be driving a nissan note. (i think)

It's about the same these days. Technology has caught up and diesel motors perform more like a gas engine these days. In the old days, a diesel did not accelerate as fast as a gas engine. The other difference is that when you let off the foot feed of a gas engine, the engine acts as a brake to slow down the car somewhat. A diesel motor doesn't do that. That's why big trucks have Jake brakes.

what happens if you put diesel in a regular car?

what happens if you put diesel in a regular car? and what happens if you put regular gas in a truck?

I live in the north ,where it freezes in the winter. It is common for people to mix a little gasoline with diesel fuel in diesel fuel tanks to prevent gelling from the cold(They call it 'winter blended' fuel).. There is less energy(btu's) in the gasoline then there is in the diesel,So they tend to knock a little more then they would. Depending on how much diesel went into the tank for a gasoline engine,it may just smoke a bit or it may not run at all,or very rough.You would have to drain as much as possible,change the filters and clean the fuel system in either case.if you had only gasoline in the diesel engine,and tried to start it with the glow plugs energized,you would have the engine kick back before it started,bend several rocker shafts,break some rockers ;And the boss would fire the guy that did it. At least that's what happened to a Kabota engine that I had to fix.

Where do you get diesel and ethanol fuel?

I never see diesel pumps or ethanol yet theres TONS of vehicles runing diesel and new ones running on ethanol. Where do you get it?

Many gas stations are selling diesel (at least in the south). It's not everywhere as it used to be, and the price is relatively close to regular unleaded gas. In the past diesel used to be much cheaper than your regular unleaded gas.

As far as ethanol -- I have no idea as far as other cities and states, but in Jacksonville, FL -- there are only 2 stations in the city that carry it other than the Naval Bases -- and mind you they aren't 'gas stations' -- they are GAS stores -- like places you would buy propane tanks, etc.

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