What Gas Stations Accept American Express?

How does the American Express Gift card work?

I was given an American Express Gift card worth $25 for my birthday and I am wondering how would you make purcahses with it. Would it be like using a regular credit card?

yeah just use it wherever they take credit cards, umm you cant take cash out which sucks, and a lot of gas stations wont accept it for gas, heres the link to see how much you got left in your card:



Where can I buy those American Express gift cards?

I don't want to buy it online at the american express website. My friend said I can buy one at the Lucky's grocery store. Is this true? If not, where can I buy one?

I've never heard of Lucky's before. Must be a regional thing, but you most likely can. They sell them at a lot of big gas stations (eg wawa, sheets). You can also get them at drug stores and walmarts.

Does Minecraft accept american express?

There a bubble in Payment methods for american express but on the next page its only Visa and Mastercard. So do they accept AmEx or not?

No, unfortunately, they dont

What do you think about boycotting the gas stations?

The plan is to only get gas 1 day out of the week and hurt the oil suppliers in the pocket.

It's BS.

Whatever you don't buy will be bought by other gas stations. We are too dependent on gas. The better way would be to stop driving altogether, or at least to increase your gas mileage. At least you'll save a bit of money that way. Convince other people to do so as well.

Do all gas stations have the same quality gas?

Like I see one gas station will say Regular, Plus, Premium. And another gas station will say Unleaded, Super, Supreme. I also saw this one gas station that said V-Power and I'm like O_o! Anyway do all gas stations give you the same quality gas? Like If I go to a gas station that say's Premium gas and go to another that says Supreme is the gas exactly the same or is something tweaked in it? Thanks!

Those states with 3 grades of gasoline are supposed to be getting 87, 89 and 91 Octane blends. Some gasoline stations, like Union 76 offer a 95 and 100 Octane RACING gas. But not all stations. Some states and rural areas have only two blends to offer. Some Calif. stations offer 92 Octane for their premium gasoline. The differences between these blends change with the season of the year,. There are people checking the gas stations on a weekly basis for the seasonal additives and for water at the bottom of underground tanks. Water in the gas is a big problem in some climates. Lots of gas companies are replacing the old metallic tanks with plastic. Recommend you try several of these various blends, and if you drive one that performs better, stick with it for a variety of climate changes. Station convenience also changes as people move and find new roads and communities to visit. Keep trying different blends until you find the one that works best for you. No need to use 91 Octane if your car owner's manual says 87 Octane is sufficient.

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