What Gas Mark Is 190 Degrees?

Best temperature for baking cheesecakes?

I really like baking and cheesecakes are desserts i really like doing but the baking temperature is usually a problem. In the past when i cook say a cappuccino cheesecake at gas mark 3 (160/170 degrees) browning seems to happen really quickly and eventually leaves slightly burnt unappealing bits on the cheesecake but if i do it at a lower temperature which is usually gas mark 2 (150 degrees) It takes forever and browning eventually happens. So what is the best tempertaure for cheesecakes generally? Thanks for the help.

I always do mine at 300 degrees which would be equivalent to your gas mark 2 (150). When I did the conversion it was 149 degrees. It takes about an hour but I always have perfect cheesecakes with no cracks!! Some things are worth waiting for!!

How to set my oven? If I want to cook a lamb leg at 180 degrees how much is that in a gas oven?

It has from 1 to 8 or 9... and my friend Marianna told me to cook it for 2 hours aprox at 180 degrees, the recipe says 175 degrees, but how much is that on my stupid oven?

180C will be 350F and Gas Mark 4
There is so little difference between 175-180 it makes little difference to the time of the cooking.*

If a recipie from the US says heat oven at 350 degrees, how much is that in the UK or a European oven?

I usually bake at 180 degrees, so I guess it must be half or something? I dont think it can be the same because at 350 degrees the cookies that I want to make will burn!lol. So can someone explain this difference between the degrees on US ovens and European ovens? thanks!

350F is Gas Mark 4 or 177C
Here's a conversion chart

What is 350 degrees Farenheit equal to on the numbers on an oven?

I have put my oven on gas mark 5 as the recipe just said 350 degrees farenheit. Is this right?

Mark 5 is usually 375, 350 farenheit would be 4 [180 C]

what is the temperature guide for electric cookers in comparison to gas? ie Gas mark 4 = what?

For the last 20 yrs I have cooked with gas and have now got an electric cooker. What is the comparison for gas mark 4 in electric terms?

180 deg c.

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