What Gas Killed The Jews In The Gas Chambers?

What's the difference between massive barbaric air attacks and the Gas chambers ?

I don't think Hitler killed 400 Jews in only three days in the Gas chambers, the Zionists state did it in december 2008. Where is the REAL Holocaust

Son, there was never a thing called "Gas Chambers"
Google that and see that I am right on that.
The Germans did 1% of all these "terrible" things the jews accuse them of.
I have come to the conclusion that nothing that the jews say is the truth.
Their holy book the talmud, preaches that, not only it is OK to fool a non-jew but is necessary too!
Babba Mezzia 114b
Sanhe.drin 57a
Babba Mezzia 24a

Go here

and see with your own eyes.

What are the room with the gases in which they killed jews during the holocaust called?

I need to know the gas rooms in the concentration camps names

As most have said, they were called "gas chambers".
The gas used was Xyclon-B, sometimes written Zyklon-B.

Are gas chambers still used today to put shelter dogs to sleep?

I thought that they now euthanized dogs and cats with the shot like you get at a vet. DO they or do they use the gas chambers? What do the chambers do...suffacate them (thats what someone told me) because of the gas

Yes. Many states still use gas chambers, even though they have been proven to be more costly than injections, and cruel to the animals.

Execution methods used in the holocaust?

It's for a school essay. I know that gas chambers were used most of the time, but what else were used to kill the Jews?

Did you know that gas chambers were developed because Eichmann didn't want the SS soldiers to undergo the trauma of direct killings?

Here are some ways they Jews and other groups like gypsies and Polish people.

Gas chambers disguised as large group showers using the poison gas Zyklon-B (4 million deaths in death camps overall)

Mobile gas-vans (Carbon monoxide poisoning) (2 million deaths)

Firing squads

Direct shooting



Medical experimentation

Extreme work

Exposure to elements

Shooting people next to mass graves so they would fall in.

Gathering people into a group so they could shoot them one after the other.


Do you think Richard Williamson should be criticized for denying gas chambers existed?

There was evidence to prove that the gas chambers did not exist, they looked at old blue prints, both american and german and found that structurally it would of been impossible for there to have been gas chambers at Auschwitz not only that, they have tested the soil theree and found absolutley no Zyklon-B in the soil, which would of been present if the gas chambers existed. So it is really crazy to criticize Williamson for saying the gas chambers didn't exist?

Um - I was one of those engineers who examined the gas chambers. They certainly did exist, and so did the crematoriums. I personally identified Zyklon-B in dust samples removed from the interior walls of the gas chambers. And I have personally viewed the authenticated movie films the camp authorities made of their own atrocities. Yes, scores of thousands were herded into those "showers", poisoned with Zyklon-B and then thrown wholesale into the ovens. Any more foolish comments?

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