What Gas Do Plants Give Off?

What gas do dying plants give off?

What gas do dying plants give off? BESIDES OXYGEN!

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Are plants better than animals?

plants give us air and animals give us food

Yes. Plants just use air, water, and sunlight to make their own food. Animals must consume another living thing to survive. Plants do not. Plants give us food too like spinach, corn, wheat, apples, and so on and so forth. A plant won't stalk you and kill you for being on its territory the way, say, an alligator might. Or try to eat you. Though some plants can be poisonous if you eat them. Tough choice. I like both. But I have to go with plants.

Which gas do human beings and plants inhale at night time?

Which gas are inhaled and exhaled during night time by human beings (when they are sleeping) and plants

All atmospheric gasses are inhaled, your teacher should have asked which gasses are used.

The answer, though, is Oxygen. Plants and animals both need oxygen all the time. Plants can make their own oxygen in sunlight but still need to absorb it from the air when it is dark.

What adaptions do plants have to obtain CO2?

Plants take in CO2 through stomata--pores that are most often located on the bottom of leaves. Plants pump K+ (potassium) into the pore cells when they want to take in CO2; this lowers the solute potential (and subsequently the overall water potential) and forces water into the cells, subsequently opening the "guard" cells.

Some plants are more efficient at removing CO2 from the atmosphere than others; C4 plants (e.g., sugarcane, corn), which isolate CO2 from O2 during gas intake, are responsible for 25% of all photosynthesis on the planet, but only comprise 3% of all plants. This efficiency, however, depends on temperature. C3 plants (e.g, wheat, trees), which don't isolate CO2, are more efficient than C4 plants at lower temperatures.

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