What Fruit Gives You The Most Energy?

What's the best vitamin drink? and best fruit that gives you energy ?

I've been wondering... what is the best vitamin drink? I like lifewater... but idk if its all that GREAT for you, So what is the best vitamin drinks? and what is the best fruit that gives you energy? Thank you. VitaminWater is more bad for you then good. :P

I personally don't think vitamin drinks are that great for you. To me, they just all seem like sweetened water. I'd rather have plain ole water and get my vitamins from food!

Fruit is an excellent source of simple carbohydrates for a quick boost of energy. Any fruit will provide you with energy however because bananas contain a higher amount of carbohydrates and potassium, they can provide sustained energy.

How come food that people say gives you energy, actually makes me tired?

People say carbs give you energy and meat gives you energy but, meat always makes me sleepy. And, after i eat rice (carb) i just want to fall asleep. The things that give me real energy is fruit like grapes and apples, and feta cheese, and dark chocolate and those raw vegan fruit & nut bars. These things give me instant energy. So i don't understand why people say protein & carbs give you energy, cause it doesn't for me???!

That's like me and coffee, instead of making me more awake it makes me fall asleep nearly straight after drinking it! Maybe we're just weird ;)
High five!

What causes beginning citrus fruit to drop?

Appreciate answers to what causes beginning small green Citrus (Oranges) fruit in outside patio to drop and not set so they will continue to become regular size oranges. I water and fertilize the trees. Have three. One had about 100 small starting oranges but they aLL droped off. From the two larger trees, only have one tree with two oranges on it and the other tree has only one orange. Thank you / Valerie

Citrus fruit drop is a normal part of the fruiting process. They typically have three drop periods -- 70/80 percent of the blooms, the small fruit a few weeks later, and golf-ball sized fruit drop as they get larger. If these are younger trees, you might be able to help maturation by forcing the fruit off your trees manually (ie pick off the small fruit). This will give the tree more energy to devote to the remaining fruit. In general, if you want more/bigger fruit, it helps to thin out your blossoms/fruit -- especially on younger trees.

When counting calories do you still count fruit calories?

Bc I had no idea how much calories are in fruit! Like one medium banana is 100calories! I had no idea till I looked it up! Like I'll end up with 700calories total of the day then I add my fruit calories and be 900-1000! Do I need to lay back on the fruit bc I'll eat like 2 apples and bananas a day which equals like 350calories!

Short answer: Yes.

Calories is a measure of energy. The food you eat gives your body energy to function.

Say that a piece of candy is 10 Calories (I'm making this up). If you eat 10 candies, you will have consumed the same number of Calories as those in a medium banana. However, aside from the Calories, the candy provides little to no nutrients, while the banana provides important vitamins that contribute to the building of your body.

name a fruit.........?

Name an edible (and easily available) fruit I have never heard of and you will get best answer!

Rambutan Jackfruit /Passion Fruit/ Lychee/ Star fruit/ Mangosteen/ Kumquat /Durian(horrible smell)/
Dragon Fruit(amazing) African cucumber

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