What Fruit Can Dogs Eat?

Why can dogs eat things that would make humans sick but they can't eat fruit?

Why can't dogs eat fruit & Chocolate but they can eat things like poop & raw meat & nothing bad would happen to them?

The difference in the number of chromosomes in dog's and humans, provide a different digestive system for each.

What are some vegetables and fruits that dogs are able to eat and are dogs allowed to drink milk?

Along with dinner for my dog, I would like to give it some fruits and vegetables. (maybe milk) What are some vegetables that dogs can eat and some fruits it can eat because I have heard that you shouldn't give grapes to dogs. Name 5 vegetables dogs CAN eat and 5 fruits dogs CAN eat. THANKYOU

Dairy should never, ever be given to absolutely any non-human animal, period. Dairy products can cause pancreatitis, diarrhea, and gas.

Any fruit/vegetables that have a high quantity of water will give your dog diarrhea.

In all honesty, dogs should never eat vegetables or fruits. They're carnivores and their source of vegetable and/or fruit comes from the herbivores their prey eats, not freshly given to them. If you want a healthier diet from them there are many vegan and vegetarian diets out there that are equally as healthy as dog food that includes meat.

Even vegetables and fruits that are considered to be nontoxic can produce minor stomach upset and flatulence if ingested. Dogs have shorter digestive tracts than human and cannot digest most vegetables whole or in large chunks.

If you do give your dogs fruits or vegetable, you have to give them an insanely small amount, and there's really no point to that. It should stay out of their diet.

How do you eat a dragon fruit?

I've just bought a dragon fruit but have no idea how to prepare/eat it. Any advice would be appreciated.

Just eat it like you would a kiwi fruit. They're distant relatives of one another. Just cut the dragon fruit in half, and then into wedges. Eat the white part, but not the pink skin.

Do Lizards eat fruit?

My Grand Mother just ask me if lizards eat fruit, I don't know what to say! i ask why and she said that somethingg has been eating from her fruit tree. She lives in California i think it might be a rat or something. What do you think.

Some types of lizard do eat fruit, but I don't know of any that would live in California and eat fruit from a tree - most of them would pick up fallen fruit on the ground.

Chances are it's birds or rodents eating fruit if it's still in the tree.

Is it as healthy to drink fruit juice as it is to eat fresh fruit?

I don't eat fruit or drink fruit juice every day but I do prefer the juice. I just find a piece of fruit very hard to eat and don't particularly enjoy it. I have a small carton of pineapple juice (occasionally orange) about 3 times a week but some people tell me that I should eat the whole fruit to get the fibre content as well. I occasionally eat an apple. I do, however, enjoy most vegetables and have some most days as part of my main meal. Would you say that is a reasonably healthy diet?

Absolutely YES!

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