What Foods Give You Energy?

What foods have protein in, and what foods are high in energy?

I am helping my cousin drop some weight while she stays with me, but I realized that while she's eating salads I'm sitting beside her eating junk food - and I can't be helping her by doing that. I'm wondering what foods have protein count, and what foods are high in energy but healthy? I hear bananas are good, but I honestly can't stomach them. I have never really been very good with the food that I eat. Thanks.T.x.

Every food has protein in it.

Animal foods and nuts, starches have the most protein and highest amount of energy. The fats from animal foods and nuts have the most energy, but are usually slow releasing energy. So you will get lots of energy from them, BUT it will be slow and you won't get quick jolts of energy. Starches do not contain fat, and are a little bit different. They are faster releasing energy than fatty foods, so that means that you will get quicker jolts of energy from starches than you do with fats.

Fruits, vegetables, legumes have the least amount of energy and least amount of protein. However, they have the FASTEST yield of energy compared to that of other foods. That means that you will get high energy, and VERY QUICK jolts of energy if you eat these foods.

eating before running?

i was wondering what foods you should eat before running that would either give you: a. no cramps. b. more energy. i would especially appreciate answers for foods or drinks that wouldn't give you cramps. thankyou.

OJ or a protein drink =you shouldn't have too much in your stomach so you don't get sick

What to eat before exercising for more energy?

Hi everyone, For the past 2-3 weeks I've changed my exercise regimen...I found this park near my house and I've been running/walking more and noticed that I feel sluggish in the middle of running. I'm pretty sure I need to eat more or eat the right energy foods before exercising for more energy but what are some of your suggestions? Here's what I have in my fridge/closet... bananas, strawberries, grapes, kellogs Special K bar, kudos bar, whey protein, bread, fat free pringles. which of these foods are good for great energy during my work out and after and when should I eat them? Or which other foods do you recommend?

Before your work out have a banana. After the work out have a ultra slim fast shake if you are trying to loose weight and if you are trying to gain muscle have a protein shake with strawberry and after that have a very healthy meal like fish with veggies and something like that...

What are slow carbs?

What are some examples of slow carbs?

I think you are talking about slow burning carbs. When you eat things like table sugar and white bread the carbohydrates are readily absorbed and give you a quick energy boost that spikes your blood sugar, but when you eat things like an apple the carbohydrates are bound in fibers and indigestible molecules that your body can break down slowly giving you longer lasting energy and keep your blood sugar from spiking. Things like beans, whole wheat bread, and other more complex foods are examples of slow burning carbs and bananas are good because they give you both kind for a quick energy boost that is also long lasting. Their are many fitness and bodybuilding sites you can go to for charts and lists of these different foods.

Are there any foods/drinks that give you energy naturally?

I am in an afternoon slump. I made the mistake of not resting when my 9 month old son went down for a nap. Now he is awake and energetic and I am exhausted. Is there anything I could do (besides drink coffee) that could boost my energy? I do take a Women's Once a Day and an iron supplement every morning since my iron tends to be low.

Something that will help a lot that is not normally talked about as being an energy source are Living fruits and vegetables. Raw fruits and vegetables are still alive and have their own electromagnetic energy field. When they are cooked, the field changes and is not as useful to the body's electromagnetic system. Also Fruits and Vegetables give you energy on a physical level as well. The contain nutrients and vitamins that will give your body the energy it needs. Fruits have sugar in them and will cause your blood sugar levels to rise, but fruits on their own are safe. In general they have a low glycemic index and will not affect your blood sugar levels too much. You will use the sugar as energy anyway. Here are some snack ideas:
Broccoli, carrots, and ranch dressing
Apple with peanut butter
Cucumber sandwich
Celery sticks with peanut butter

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