What Drugs You Can Make At Home?

Why do people get skinny if they do drugs?

People always say drugs make you skinny. Not weed but other hardcore ones. Heck I even heard that deadmau5, one of the most famous DJs in the world is skinny because he used to do drugs. Why does this happen? I'm really skinny but I've never done drugs and I'm tired of people accusing me of it!

A lot of drugs can make you nauseous and you start throwing up on drugs, also some just take away your appetite.. And sometimes on drugs people sleep abnormally and sleep through meals.. But, you can be fat and on drugs I've seen it haha. some people are just skinny. Drugs are bad. don't do drugs

what are drugs ?

Heroin, cocaine, LSD, ectascy, mairjuana ?name more drugs that i have not list ... what happen when you do drugs ? why would someone use drugs ? how did people make those drugs or where do they get the drugs ? no i do not wish to try drugs i want to learn about drugs and why do they take it and where do they get them

Drugs alter the physical and/or mental processes of your body.

Different things happen to you with different drugs.

People use drugs for all types of reasons. Some are good reasons, others are... not so good reasons.

People make some types of drugs by processing plants with chemicals to reach the end. Heroin and cocaine are some examples of these.

People make other types of drugs just from chemicals. LSD, ecstacy, and meth are some examples of that.

Marijuana is a plant. A person dosen't really make it, it just grows.

Alcohol is made by people distilling certian plants.

You're smart not to do drugs. It's also good that you're not afraid to ask questions about them. Some people choose to do drugs at certain times in their lives and then never stop.

You're better off not getting into them in the first place.

I love drugs of every kind what should i major in?

I love drugs and being hihh off anything but opiats. My teacher tells me I should make money doing something I love...does this mean drug dealing? I'm terribly confused. Is there something else I could go to college for that has to do with drugs. Advise anyone. Maybe drug inventer? Or tester?

I too love drugs and learning about them. I looked into future jobs that involve drugs and there are a ton. You can be a pharmacologist, someone who studies drugs, toxicologist, someone who studies the poisons of a drug, ect. If you want to take drugs, well then you can sign up for testings of new drugs and stuff and report the side effects but i dont recommend that. But anyways, good luck :)

What are some examples of a hypothesis for drug testing?

I am not testing the drugs for an individual. The detective found drugs that on the suspects and I have to take them to the labs for testing. We suspect that the drugs are cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. What would be some good hypothesis for this if I did not get to smell and touch the drugs just looking at them.

The reason the drugs are being sent for analyzes is to test for the quality of the drug, is it pure or mixed with other substances, such as chemicals found in the home, such as caustic soda, bleach etc.
What type of drug and in some cases they might be able to identify where it may have come from or where it was made/grown.
The classification of the drug, each drug including illicit drugs are classified in categories according to how dangerous the drug is. Certain drugs will carry a heavier jail sentence than others.

How do people get ecstasy from the streets if its not legal?

Does the government make ecstasy? if so, how does it get in the hands on a drug dealer? or Do people just know the recipe to make these drugs? Is molly a nickname for ecstasy? How does it get shipped from other countries without getting caught?

Molly is pure MDMA, ecstasy is mixed with fillers and other drugs like coke or heroin. I'm sure some people make it, and some people import it. Chances are if it's home made than it is full of impurities, thus not real molly. And as for the "how does it get here" question... Ever heard of smuggling? Carefully empty 1,000 bags of powdered sugar, stuff with drugs, reseal. Voila!

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