What Drugs Put You In A Coma?

What machines and drugs do the doctors use for a coma patient?

Like since the person in coma can't eat or drink. What do you the doctors do? And does the person go to the bathroom, through a tube that goes into a container hooked up to the bed? I want to also know how they monitor the person's brain and other things that will help the doctor in seeing if the person will get better or become a vegetable or brain dead.

It all depends on why and how long they have been in a coma. Sometimes doctor's put people under medical induced coma which is more controlled. The patient uses the bathroom through a tube and is fed using supplements given through an Iv (Intra Venous) a needle in their arm giving them medicine through their blood. To monitor their brain they use EKG's, which monitors brain waves

how do people go into a coma?

What causes comas(short term)? And how do some medical reason induce a coma onto a person?

Any head trauma can cause a person to go into a coma. Like an car accident, or getting hit in the head. One medical reason to put somebody into a coma would be if the brain is swelling rapidly they can put you into one so your brain can focus on just healing vs trying to heal while walking/talking/etc. It's also used for pain control, like again, if your brain is swelling, it's going to hurt, so they can put you into a coma so you don't feel so much pain and again, can heal.

How can i put myself into a coma?

my life sucks so much i just want to leave for a while but not die. is there a drug combination or medicine or pressure point or something. i need a serious answer, suicide is for stupid idiots, i rather just sleep for maybe two or three years. serious answers only, mean answers will be reported

Okay see the things is, what good will being put into a coma do? I know this isn't the most reasonable answer ever, but have you ever thought about maybe using some sort of drug to relieve stress? Like an anti-depressant or (if you really think it's worth it) alcohol? I don't mean to sound offensive, but I think it's just as stupid to kill yourself as it is to put yourself into a coma. You don't even know if you're going to wake up from one. I mean I'm sorry your life isn't going well but it's not like putting yourself into a coma is the best option... not at all.

You need to address the problems in your life directly. Don't just give up on it. There's always a way to be happy again. Always.

Can a concussion put you into a coma?

My gf got a concussion and she's been unconscious for nearly 2 hours, or so i heard from the doctor which i called about an hour and a half ago. Is it possible this could be a coma, or is this normal for concussions?

Most concussions last only a few hours...but they typically don't cause a prolonged loss of consciousness. A blow to the head CAN cause intracranial pressure, which can cause a diminished level of responsiveness.

Head trauma is rated with the Glasgow Coma Scale, which identifies mental impairment based on a scale of 1-15. I would call her physician and see what her current ranking is.

Even if she is in a coma, there is a good chance that she could come out of it. I suffered an aneurysm rupture in my brain when I was 19, and was in a coma for 2 months. I'm perfectly fine now.

Best of luck to you and your girlfriend...

difference between icu and coma?

coma and icu

well ICU means intensive care unit and coma is short for comatose which is a state of consciousness (or un-consciousness really). ICU might be where you would go if you were in a coma, but it's usually for people in unstable or critical conditions that need close monitoring.

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