What Drugs Make You Skinny?

Why do people get skinny if they do drugs?

People always say drugs make you skinny. Not weed but other hardcore ones. Heck I even heard that deadmau5, one of the most famous DJs in the world is skinny because he used to do drugs. Why does this happen? I'm really skinny but I've never done drugs and I'm tired of people accusing me of it!

A lot of drugs can make you nauseous and you start throwing up on drugs, also some just take away your appetite.. And sometimes on drugs people sleep abnormally and sleep through meals.. But, you can be fat and on drugs I've seen it haha. some people are just skinny. Drugs are bad. don't do drugs

Is it better to be tall and skinny or average height and skinny?

In your opinion, is it more attractive and/or fashionable to be either 1. tall and skinny (such as Taylor Swift) or 2. shorter/regular height and skinny (such as Emma Watson)? (Neither is not an answer choice

Short and skinny because if your tall and skinny they look more like long chicken legs unless you have muscle

Should I wear Skinny Jeans?

hi.. well, im about 55kg. i hav sorta big thighs and im goin to a bluelight disco in a few days so i need some quick help. Should i wear skinny jeans or will it look bad on me? My outfit will be black skinny jeans and a oversized top. should i wear it and do u think it will look good?

Wear skinny jeans if you want. I'm a big girl I wear a size 24 but that has nothing to do with it. It's all about your shape. I'm top heavy so I stay away from skinny jeans b/c they make my legs look even smaller. I want to acheive balcnace when I dress not look like a spinning top. Instead of skinny jeans I do tapered or staight leg jeans they give me the look I'm going for without actually wearing skinny jeans. If you have big legs and thighs i think skinny jeans will look good. So yeah go for it. Have fun!

Skinny jeans?

No matter where I look, i cant find skinny jeans that are skinny on my legs. either my legs are really skinny, or i live in the middle of nowhere! Im 5'2 110 pounds 12 years old on May 15 6th grade (even the skinniest girl in my class has skinny skinnyjeans!!! and shes like paper-thin)

Skinny jeans look good on anyone if you can find the right color and style. Stay away from bright colors, unless you want to look like a clown (colors like bright pink or green).

www.pacsun.com has some really cute skinny jeans.

khaki skinny jeans men?

should i get the size 28 or the 34 for the waist skinny jeans? im kinda skinny and i want it to look good on the thigh area and make it sag. so is size 34 waist khaki skinny jeans good?

Changing the waste size won't change the size on the thighs. I make my jeans saggy at the thighs, and make the lower half skinny. Retail stores never really get your exact size, and I know how you feel, my legs are skinny too. What I did was I bought jeans from a store and I got them hemmed. Hemming is basically making it skinnier/tighter. What I suggest doing is buying the jeans at your regular size, and getting them hemmed at a tailor shop if they do not fit you the way you like, or you can do it yourself.
You don't need a sowing machine, just thread it by hand. This method works, that's how I wear my jeans.

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