What Does Minecraft Ign Mean?

whats a minecraft ign?

okay ive been botherd by this same thing over and over again like for technic and modpack web sites wtf is a minecraft ign card please help and be understandible

ign is an acronym for In Game Name. It's the name you have associated with your account.

Next Ps3/Xbox360 minecraft update?

4J haven't been working TU13 for XBOX360 & PS3..

Their working on PS4 and XBOX 1 and PS VITA editions
PS4 Minecraft comes out in March 2014.
PS VITA Mincraft comes out in March 2014
XBOX 1 Minecraft comes out in March 2014

How do I turn commands on in my minecraft server?

I have a cracked minecraft server and my friend wants game commands on so he can fly and stuff hes not op yet but i am. and i was wondering how we can turn commands on like to go to spawn and other stuff like that.

If you are running a hamachi server that is not the best server program to be running try bukkit it is a server program that lets you install all different types of commands like /jail //worldedit /mute /hat ect there is a endless amount of mods/plugins that you can install. But if you want your friend to fly simply type /gm (Friends IGN) or /gamemode (Friends IGN)
If that doesnt work try restarting your server or making a new one

When is the next update for Minecraft on Xbox 360?

What are some of the stuff that is coming to Xbox edition Minecraft?

the next update is i don't know when. the people at 4J studios or whatever it is haven't decided yet. when they do it will be on this link

if you go to this link and click the 1.8.2 button it will tell you all the info about the next update. next to the 1.8.2 button is when the update comes out. currently it says ????? meaning they have not decided. just check this website frequently and soon it will tell the date.

IGN vs. Gamespot........?

Which one has better reviews, videos and info? Which one has the best forums?

IGN is for maily [Pro}/nerdy gamers who know everything about games.
IGN has the most videos, they make the most reviews, and their forum community is horrible sick.
IGN's forums are full of hatred and distinguished games. Many fights going on.
But i like IGN best because it has professional reviews. (you can find so many reviews from ign on Youtube).

Gamespot: It is my personal best because the forum and the whole sebsite cumminuty are all friendly.
I love you there are so many regular people rating the games. Though gamespot doesn't have any video reviews or anyhting like that, they have averaged review scores from the Professional reviews compared to the regular gamers.

When i look for game review numbers, i go to gamespot.
For showing gameplay and a full review, i look at IGN

I don't know its all up to you.

But for me, i like to think of IGN as professional, and gamespot a friendly place. (i dont' do forums but i see people's writings)

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