What Does Medicaid Not Pay For?

will medicaid back pay my physician for deductible and coinsurance?

I got approved for Medicaid, pregnancy only, when i lost my job. I am currently covered under my boyfriend's BCBS but we have a high deductible and 20% coinsurance. My dr said my Medicaid wouldn't pay because i lived in a different county but i spoke with Medicaid and they stated they would pay because we are in the same district. They have already made us pay $433 up front. My question is when i give them my Medicaid information and they file it will i get my money back?

you should be able to get your money make, medicaid well not let them be paid twice. when this all goes down, call medicaid and they call the doctors office, I hope this works for you. Good luck and God bless.

How do I get Louisiana Medicaid to pay for surgery outside of the state?

There isn't any bariatric surgeons in Louisiana that will accept Medicaid. There is a doctor in Dallas, Texas that accepts Medicaid, but how do I go about getting my LA Medicaid to pay for it? It will be Lap-Band surgery. Thanks

They wont. You live in Louisiana and are in their Medicaid program. It does not cover out of state procedures. All you had to do was ask your social worker. You have to move to Dallas and apply for Medicaid there, or transfer your Medicaid file. Did you find out that the surgery is covered in Texas under Medicaid? Even though the Dallas doctor accepts Medicaid, he means Medicaid in his state. It is not the same in every state.

will medicaid pay for braces in the pensacola, florida area?

i still have some more work on my teeth to be done. getting cavities filled and all that other dental stuff. but i was just wondering if medicaid would be able to pay for it or if there would be something that would help pay for it? note:i have not looked up anything. but before i did, i wanted a few opinions before i began to do a little research of my own. any suggestions?

Medicaid does not cover 'cosmetic'.
Braces are considered cosmetic (pretty sad if I must say).
It is true what Priscilla is saying. Medicaid does offer a very small discount.

how is medicaid funded?

i am doing an English paper and need a little bit of guidance. how is medicaid funded? i know its through the state and federal govt, but that money comes from our taxes that we pay in off of our paychecks right? can anyone find an illustration of how much we (being taxpaying citizens) pay in to the medicaid system?

Right Medicaid is a state administered program with some funds coming from state taxes and other funds coming from federal Medicaid grants given to needy states.

To get your complete answer, you would have to examine each state's tax laws specific to Medicaid revenue and each state's federal Medicaid grant. I do know form CMS-37.13 is something used to determine Medicaid tax and Donation amounts.

Will Missouri Medicaid pay for contacts?

Im in foster care and I need an eye exam because I am having trouble seeing. We know that missouri medicaid will pay for glasses, but we dont know if theyll pay for contacts. My mom wont pay for contacts herself. So does anyone know if the medicaid will pay for contacts?

Most likely no since it's more cosmetic. Your best bet it to call them tomorrow morning and ask them.

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