What Does Medicaid Michigan Cover?

Does the new health care mean, Medicaid in Michigan will cover Dental for people over 21 too?

Please, serious replies only, im not asking do you think those on medicaid deserve it or not, im asking a question about what medicaid offers. If you know please answer, or point me in the direction, thank you.

No, it will not offer any new or expanded medicaid dental benefits

Does Michigan Medicaid cover braces for teenager?

my son will be 14 and needs braces, does medicaid cover some or all of the cost? i dont have regular health insurance for him. if it dosent, do you know where i can go to find them kindof inexpensive? thanks so much!

not covered

what kind of birth control does medicaid cover?

help needed i would like to get an iud but i have medicaid, please tell me some options that i have with medicaid!

Mine only covers a few brands of pills and that's it. It doesn't cover the patch, the ring or any "trendy" (that is what medicaid referred to them as) medications. You best bet is to call the number on the back of your card and ask. Medicaid has several different plans so it depends which one you are on.

Should a lawsuit be filed against Michigan for discrimination against people with mental disabilities?

Medicaid in Michigan only covers 20 sessions for people seeking treatment of mental disorders in a year, yet they cover about any medical issue. Mental disabilities are the main reason people need medicaid due to not being able to hold a job or even get out of the house sometimes without treatment. Medicaid of Michigan has made it clear they hate people with mental disorders.

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What does Medicaid cover in Texas?

I want to get a 4d ultrasound done so I can see my babys face since I didn't get to when we went for the 20 week check up. Does Medicaid cover it? This is my first child and I am very excited please help? If Medicaid doesn't cover it are there any places in el paso that will charge a small fee? I am on a real tight budget how much does it cost for one when you pay out of your pocket?

@gazygoo. You obviously dont know how the system works just because she makes under the amount to qualify for medicaid does NOT mean she is on welfare. You are ignorant. There is a fedral law that provides medicaid to pregnant women if they are not insured. take your useless comments elsewhere.

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