What Does Inbox Mean On Facebook?

When you delete a message on FaceBook does the recipient still have it?

My best friend has travelled last month, and she and I have been messaging each other through FaceBook ever since. Today I was deleting some old messages in my FaceBook inbox, and I accidentally deleted the message thread between me and my best friend :( Is it deleted from her inbox as well? I don't want her to think I deleted the messages purposely, because it was honestly an accident :(

It will still be in her inbox, assuming she hasn't deleted it as well. You each have your own unique and separate copy of the message.

How do I change the spam settings on my gmail account to send certain emails to my inbox?

All of a sudden, my gmail account started sending emails from facebook and wall street journal straight to spam. How do I change it so that those emails start going back to my inbox and not directly to spam?

One way you could do that is to make sure that facebook is in your contacts that way when you receive emails from facebook it will go directly to your inbox, another way you can do it is next time the emails that you want to go to your inbox end up in your spam box you can select those emails and there should be a option on top of your spam emails that say not spam you can select that option and that should work if that doesn't work than there should be a mail option button in your inbox that you can select and filter your spam options and make sure that facebook is not one of the address that is in your block these emails option. I hope this was helpful and that it works

What happens if you permanently delete Facebook?

I'm planning on deleting my Facebook due to a stalker, and I just want a fresh start. I was wondering when you permanently delete Facebook, does it delete all your inbox, and will sent messages still appear in the other persons inbox you have sent to? If messages the sent messages still appear, will my name still be on them? This is important does anyone no more about it?

If you delete everything on your end, the person you have sent stuff to will still have them

Is there any way to delete a message from Facebook?

I sent a message to a family member in anger. I deleted the account and added it back, but all the messages remained. any help would be appreciated

Deleting messages in facebook only delete them in your inbox not in their u had conversation with.
Well, if u want to delete facebook messages in pc just look for a ''x'' sign right next to the text.
And, in mobile phones there is a list of action in yor inbox what u want to do with the messeges, just select delete and aply by selecting any messeges in the box.
Hope it'll help u

What about deleted messages on facebook..?

If I delete a conversation on facebook, is it also deleted from the other users inboxes ??

Deleting something from your inbox does not affect the other person's inbox. They will still have the messages and there's nothing you can do about it. If you deactivate your account it will remove your name from the messages, but the content will still be visible to the other person.

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