What does Bdk stand for?

Answer by Simmie G. on Jul 14 2013

Bdk can stand for the following:

Black & Decker Corporation
Big Daddy Kev
Black Disciple Killers

BDK Spittin Fire....?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJAr3snB38A Tell me what you thought of this Anyways who do you think would be BDK's most worthy Succsessor [Someone that uses the same style as him.]

Wow, that was UNREAL. I didn't think BDK still had it in him. He needs to make a comeback.

As for BDK's successors? I've always maintained that BDK laid the blueprint for most mainstream rappers that followed. In the same way that Rakim reinvented rhyming, BDK reinvented the whole style and persona of rappers. Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent are the most obvious examples of rappers who successfully emulated Big Daddy Kane.

Perhaps Jay-Z more so than anyone.

Rakim vs BDK laid the foundation for Lyricism vs Swagger?

DO NOT TAKE THAT TO MEAN BDK WAS NOT A LYRICIST!!! But I've been known to say that in their hey day BDK was the winner (still stand by it), and the reason for it was he had battle swag. Rakim was the more intricate lyricist, BDK could get surface deep but mainly kept it on the 'you know what i mean' level. Where he shined was that he was a character, and you believed that character. With Rakim you got him and he was the crazy writer. BDK may never have been able to get as intricate lyrically as Rakim, but Rakim could never really pull off that in the moment swag that made you believe he was much more than he was. The difference between BDK swag and swag today though was that he was an ill writer too. And he had mastered all the fundamentals of spit. Today folks just take grab the swag and run with it. I mean Raw, swaggerful, but lyrically increidible. What do you think? HHRAC...Just answer the question dog. I'm a grown man and not here for that kinda bull shit. For the record, I'm far from gay. HHRAC-your manhood is in question for eluding to another man's sexuality. Don't cha think homie?

Good question, BDK all day, my reasoning is this, BDK was cold on the lyrics fast and slow, Rakim could not wow you on a fast beat, only one i remember was Sip the Juice, Kane had the skill, fast or slow, the women and the respect, Rakim was not a star, BDK had it all, Don't give the God MC the title due to the pressure, admit BDK was the bigger star outside of rap, they both had high profile songs but BDK was everywhere and that helps, Imagine if Hammer could rap, in his day that's the press BDK got, Rakim didn't

Saying that i say this.......................BDK more swagggg...people called him BIG DADDY with no problem

What does BDK mean??

What does BDK mean?? Okay, first off: I'm a skater. BDK has taken over my school. It's on the trash cans, desks, lockers, clothes, random papers, walls, ect. What the hell does it mean? Because none of my friends will tell me. I even asked all of my skater friends because I know thats the main clique it's in, but they wont tell me. IF YOU KNOW, PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! :)

I'm a skater aswell. <3

Anyways, it means either:

High-molecular-weight kininogen (HMWK), also known as the Williams-Fitzgerald-Flaujeac factor or the Fitzgerald factor or the HMWK-kallikrein

Base Derivation Key (“BDK”): The key used jointly by the PIN Pads and your jPOS implementation to create and transport DUKPT-enabled PIN blocks.

Where does Big daddy Kane rank on your Goat list?

Everyone brings up Ra and Krs but BDK was just as big as they were in that time period. So how would you rank him. RHH2: Favorite big daddy kane CD RHH3: who is your favorite out of BDK, KRS, and Rakim.

I rank him #5 all time after Rakim, Biggie, Chuck D and KRS-1.

RHH2: Long Live The Kane for sure. That is an unquestionable classic. "Raw", "Ain't No Half Steppin", "Set it Off".

RHH3: Rakim is my 3rd fav emcee of all time. BDK is 5th.

what does "bd7k" mean in arabic?

the whole sentence was: "bdk tlbse she bd7k" please help!

Bdk - Do you want
Tlbse - Wear
She - Something
Bd7k - Funny

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