What Do I Need To Open A Bank Account For Chase?

Can a 16 year-old open a savings bank account with Chase?

Okay, so I'm turning 16 soon and I would get a job and I want to start saving for a car but I want to open a savings bank account so I can earn interest. Would I be able to open a bank account with Chase?

You cant owe a individual account holder... you can share your account wid your parents...

How much does it cost to open a Chase Bank Account?

My Aunt you have to keep $100 in your Checking account at all times is this true? and if so is it also that much to open up a Debit Card? i want to use Chase but dont know

Most banks require you to deposit $25 minimum to open up a bank account, and they will assign you a debit card which is linked to that particular bank account.

i got this email from chase bank to tell my account will be closed?

i got this email from chase bank to tell my account will be closed if i don't verify the information.. like my name and address and social secuirty number and account number , pin code, and password but I don't have an account at Chase !(it gives link to http://www.chase.com) could someone have open an account in my name?

I work for a bank, and I can tell you that a bank will NEVER email you about your account. We would want to speak with you face to face to discuss any personal information. That is a fake website. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR INFORMATION!!!!!!!!

is there anyone who knows what banks in the Philippines are affiliated with Chase JP Morgan Bank?

i am planning to transfer some funds for my daughter in the Philippines by making her open account in a bank affiliated with Chase. Are banks like BPI, Cocobank, Banco de Oro, China Bank affiliated with Chase?

Your best bet would be to either contact those banks individually and asked or contact JP Morgan Chase to find out. By affiliated, do you mean a subsidiary of or owned by, or do you mean does business with? As long as the bank is government licensed, JP Morgan Chase would have no problem doing business with other banks (i. e.. the flow of money from your daughter's account to those other banks shouldn't have an issue). Just make sure you have your bank's routing number and have instructions for wiring money internationally to her bank account.

If I move will I need to transfer my chase checking account to a Washington Mutual checking account?

I live in Texas right now and have a checking account with JP Morgan Chase Bank. I may be moving to Bellevue Washington soon, and there doesn't seem to be many JP Morgan Chase Banks there. I know Chase bank recently bought out Washington Mutual. Would I have to transfer my checking account to Washington Mutual, or would I be able to keep my Chase checking account and just make my deposits and withdraws at a local Washington Mutual bank?

You will be able to use your chase account at a bank that was previously Washington Mutual. The Washington Mutuals where I live just have Chase covers over the old Washington Mutual logos outside. My parents already have their new Chase debit cards, but I still have my Washington Mutual debit card and I havent had any problems

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