What Company Uses Stock Ticker Symbol F?

After HP acquisition what is the new stock ticker symbol for EDS?

HP bought EDS and now there are no quotes on finance.yahoo.com for the EDS ticker symbol. Need the new stock ticker symbol for EDS. Thanks in advance...

There is no new ticker if it's now HP. It is absorbed in the HP stock or HPQ. HP Services (HPS), HP Software, the Personal Systems Group (PSG), the Imaging and Printing Group (IPG), HP Financial Services (HPFS) and Corporate Investments.

What is the ticker symbol for the New Yourk Stock Exchange and The NASDAQ?

I need some help please.

The NYSE and NASDAQ are stock exchanges (or stock markets) where trading in various stocks, bonds and financial derivatives take place.

The NYSE is owned & operated by a company called NYSE Euronext, which is a public company and has a stock. Its ticker is: NYX

The NASDAQ is an electronic exchange, there is no physical trading floor and it is not a public company. It was founded and operated by the National Association of Security Dealers (NASD) which is a non-governmental, self-regulatory association that reports to the SEC. It does not have a ticker symbol.

How to know which corporations pay dividends or its a preferred or common stock?

Like where does it say that this stock, that Im buying, is preferred, common or with dividends..

I don't know what "this stock" is. Specifics and examples really do help.

Go to Yahoo Finance

Type in the company name or ticker symbol in the Get Quotes box; I'll use IBM, takes you here:

The last thing listed is the dividend/yield.

A ticker symbol that has a "P" on the end is a preferred stock. A common stock has no special identifier.

Definition of 'P'

A symbol that, when used as the fifth letter in a ticker symbol, indicates that a security is a first preferred issue. Called a fifth-letter identifier, "P" and most other letters of the alphabet, can be used to indicate that a security is not common stock, but has a special characteristic. Other examples of such characteristics and their identifiers include Class A shares ("A"), new issues ("D"), delinquent ("E"), foreign ("F"), or involved in bankruptcy proceedings, as indicated by ("Q").

Read more: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/p.asp#ixzz2IDQG3jRZ

What is the stock ticker symbol for silver?

I'm talking about the one that they base the silver spot price on.

It's not a stock ticker symbol...but the symbol used by NYMEX for silver is SI

What is bit coins stock symbol?

What is the stock symbol of bit coin

Bitcoins are not a stock, so there is no such ticker symbol.

Please be very careful with crypto currency. Not backed by anything. Used in many illegal transactions. Extremely risky IMHO.

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