What Company Owns Straight Talk?

Why are some Straight Talk phones available in certain zip codes and not others?

I'm trying to determine if switching from Verizon to Straight Talk is a wise move. I often commute between two zip codes (13903 and 13045) and I want to make sure my phone will work in both areas. When I enter the two different zip codes into Straight Talk's website...I'm given different phone choices. I'm confused as to what this means for coverage. If any of the phones will work in any areas...why are the phone choices different between the two zip codes?

Tracfone (the parent company that owns Straight Talk) has contracts for various regions with different carriers, which impacts which phones will work in what areas.

Some of that is contract issues, other issues are with the host carrier's network, for example most of the area that AT&T got from Alltel last year is 3G or 3G/4G only, with no 2G connectivity support, and as almost all GSM Tracfone products are 2G devices, or at least require 2G for calling, those phones will not work in those areas.

Coverage is not a guarantee with Straight Talk, as it does not merit priority for calls, a typical ratio of dropped calls between Verizon and Straight Talk is about 1:10.

Straight Talk does have the upside of being cheaper, however that comes at a cost of poor customer service and effectively the service is meant for the consumer to self-serve.

Will any unlocked cdma phone work with Straight talk?

So straight talk uses the Verizon network. The only real issue I see with this company is their overall lack of phones. Can I simply purchase the unlocked cdma phone I want from ebay, or likes thereof, and use it on Straight talk's $45 unlimited talk, text, data plan? If so, do I just enter the unlocked esn number on the phone at the activation screen of straight talk? If this won't work-then why? Thanks in advance.

You will have to use one of their phones on straight talk, some of the phones are really good.

Can you use a contract phone for straight talk?

I have to evo 4g and i want to switch to straight talk. Do i have to pick a phone outta the company or can i keep my evo 4g and run off of straight talk ?

You have to buy a Straight Talk phone.

Can I use a Net 10 phone on Straight Talk service?

I want to buy a phone , the Samsung r451c, but the only problem is that it is on the net 10 serivce. I know that net 10 and Straight talk are under the same company, so I was wondering if this could be done. Straight talk offers the same phone but at least $40 dollars more.

Nope..no cross network, Net10/Straight Talk/Tracfone can only be used on there own networks and there will probably never be any flashing or unlocking for these phones/phone carriers. Hope that helps.

And BE CAREFUL buying a used prepay phone off Craigslist..make SURE they are clear and ready to be activated on a new service.

Straight Talk Cellphone Plans?

Im thinking about switching and I was wondering what you guys think of the service? Also, could I buy a iPhone off EBay or something and just get a new SIM card from Straight Talk or do I need to buy a phone from them? Thanks

Straight Talk buys airtime from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint and sells it to you to use with Straight Talk phones. Where I live Straight Talk uses Verizon towers for service. So I have Verizon service for less than half the price(since I use Net10 and not Straight Talk).

It is easier to buy a Straight Talk phone and use their phones for service. You get a year warranty on all of your phones. So if your phone breaks because of no fault of your own, Straight Talk will replace your phone for you. If you are having trouble with your phone, Straight Talk will help you fix your phone.

If you want to bring your own phone, you have to have it unlocked. Then you have to do all of your own programming to the phone. Some people have trouble with the programming and unlocking of a non Straight Talk phone. So it is just easier to buy a phone from Straight Talk and not have to worry about programming.

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