What Company Logo Is Vl?

What company logo is a gold B in a black square?

Contest at work, need to find the name of the company and all I have is the logo, it's not this company's current logo. It is a Gold letter B in in black box. What company is it? Bothersome - what department are you in? Thanks @ but I've figured it out.

Heh...I only got it cause I saw it in my travels...want a hint? :) NY :)

Can any one add the TM (Trademark) to a company logo?

If I have my own logo for a company, what should I do in order to use TM with it? Is it a legal process? I be more than glad for information about the process and more.

TM or R somewhere in a logo just warning you that u cant use it without authorization, that requieres a legal process.

You can create your own logo with TM or R without any legal procedure, but at your own risk, cuase if someone else register that logo as a trade mark before than you... maybe youre gonna be in a legal trouble for your own creation.

In one line:
you can put a TM now, but consider a proper registration

(sorry the bad english)

How did Pepsi get its name and its logo?

I heard that the company was looking for a name for their new drink ( which is now Pepsi,) and this Korean guy chose Pepsi because it makes the sound Pep and then Siiiiii,. or something like that. The company liked it, so they wanted to reward him by money but he didnt want any money. He wanted the logo to look like the Korean flag. That is why the Pepsi's logo looks like the Korean flag. Is this really true ?

Pepsi Cola was originally named after two ingredients in the inventor's original recipe - pepsin and cola nuts. The logo has gone through many revolutions of change so I don't no of any precedent that resulted in the original logo other just a desire to design a logo for the product. It definitely doesn't have a Korean influence in its original form however it is not uncommon for logos to be altered to reflect cultures of other countries when distributed there.

Italinan Car Companies with a crown logo?

My friend has a old steering wheel with a five point crown logo on it. on the back it says italy with the logo etched into the metal. I would really like to know what company and car this came off of.

It might be a be Moretti. Does the logo look like this? http://www.moretti-cars.net/en/home/ It might be a Maserati. But those are 3 point crowns.

What do you think is the ugliest NBA logo?

I think it`s the Warriors new logo. Another weird one is the Orlando Magic. Now it looks all computerized. The old one had more "Magic" in it. No pun intended Lol.

Awwwww man. I used to love the old warriors logo, and now i hate their new logo and colors. It sucks. The magic logo stinks as well and I don't like how the raptors logo is just a paw print now.

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