What Company Logo Has A Blue Cloud?

I'm starting up my own company and need opinions on the logo from YOU.?

I need the opinions of people external to my company for what is the best logo. The company is called Blue 42 and the logos can be found at http://visionoflife.741.com/logosrgb.jpg... Please tell me which is your favourite. Serious answers only please. Along with which is your favourite, could you please also say why it is and what you like about it, such as: do you like the colours, do you think the "4" should have the gap in the middle of it or not etc.

Sorry, there seems to be a web linking error. I have tried to get to the site several times and could not access the jpg. Blue 42 with a website address with vision of life sounds like "the answer to life" Many will not make the connection, so I suggest keeping the center of the 4 open. Obviously logos in blue and or several shades of blue are definitely called for. Maybe clouds representing visions? Is this for tech support? You do not mention what business this going to represent. That is an integral part of the logo and would help immensely. Good luck with your business. Hope some of this helps.

i have an antique blue and white plate with a blue clipper ship logo on the back. Can anyone hely with value?

I believe it is fom the UK but not sure. Ican't find what the blue clipper ship logo means. It is made by a company called either kr &co or hr&co. Can some one help me please?


Jonathan :)

I need help with the ipod logos game?

Level 1 A: The two silver ^'s B: The skinny blue box with a skinny blue X in it. C: The black os. D: The blue cloud. E: The thick blue ( ). F: The N------. G: The VL or LV. H: The blue and pink kr I: The red circus top or something like that. J: The lined M.

A: citroen (a car company)
B: reebok (shoe company)
C: Microsoft (Technology company, which you are most likely aware of)
D: Skype (video/voice chat program)
E: hp (A company mostly for computers)
F: nescafe (coffe brand)
G: louis vuitton (accessory company)
H: flickr (a public photo website)
I: pizza hut (franchise pizza restaurant)
J: mtv (tv channel)

What company logo is a gold B in a black square?

Contest at work, need to find the name of the company and all I have is the logo, it's not this company's current logo. It is a Gold letter B in in black box. What company is it? Bothersome - what department are you in? Thanks @ but I've figured it out.

Heh...I only got it cause I saw it in my travels...want a hint? :) NY :)

what is the blue butterfly that they use for the logo for freestyle diabetes supplies?

Its the bright blue butterfly on the commercials and on the corner of the testing box.


It may not be a real butterfly. They may have just decided to make up their own butterfly for their logo. Why don't you email the company and ask them. I'm sure they'd be glad to tell you.

Either way, their are moths in that color, but I don't know their name.

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