What Color Was T-rex?

How many humans would it take to feed a Tyrannosaurus Rex?

How many humans would it take to fill the belly of T-Rex, such that it would not be hungry?

This is a very complicated question. First, what color hair does the human have? Humans with lighter hair tend to have a protein in their tissues that causes digestion issues in theropods similar to a lactose intolerant human. Speaking of which, don't get me started on a T-Rex eating a lactose intolerant red-head. Not a pretty site the next morning.

Next, you have to take into account what breed of humans the T-Rex is eating. If they are Americans, it would not take many since the higher fat content fills the T-Rex up faster. Ethiopians have such a low nutritional value it would be a near infinite number of them. Although, I've heard that some of the dinosaur cooks can work miracles with any breed so take that for what its worth.

Finally, based on historical writings, its been determined that this question was never truly answered since the people who tried testing this were promptly eaten.

How did Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs mate?

Tyranosaurus Rex the dinosaur was strangely shaped and it would have been hard to mount a female T Rex so how did it all... happen?

The female probably laid on her stomach while the male mounted her and rode that girl home to O-town!

Epic Pet Wars: How do I unlock Terminator Rex (T-Rex)?

I know that you have to beat the avian soul slayer achievements, so I killed a byzantinus, and nothing happened? How do I beat the avian soul slayer achievements? It would help a lot because I really want a T-REX P.S. I unlocked all the pets except for T-Rex because I jailbroke my itouch. The definition in the game to do the avian soul slayer achievements is this: Avian Soul Slayer I defeat the soul spawn of Byzantinus " 2 " Griffus " 3 " Articus " 4 " Solaris Unlocks Terminator Rex for adoption


In Jurassic Park, is it the same T-Rex throughout the entire series?

In the Jurassic Park film series, is there only one T-Rex thoughout the entire series or is it a different one everytime?

The T-Rex in the first movie is definitely different from the ones in the second and third movie because they are on different islands.
The T-Rex in JP3 could be one of the ones features in JP2, but i'm not sure.

What Happened to Rex off of Victorious?

okay, I know this question is silly but I have to know! I just watched the Christmas episode of Victorious and Robbie didn't have Rex with him? Did he finally ditch him? Is Robbie no longer a ventriloquist? I just really wanna know!lol thanks guys, and Happy Holidays(:

Rex was in the Christmas special for Victorious but just not in every scene he wasn't needed in all of them but Robbie is still a ventriloquist and Rex will continue to air on Victorious but I just think the directors take him out because they don't need him in all of Robbie's scenes, for all we know he was in Robbie's locker sleeping remember he told Robbie to put him in the drawer when he went to talk to the school counselor about his nightmares, so maybe Robbie is just pretending rex is taking a break.

I hope this answers your question and Happy Holidays to you too :)

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