What Color Pink Lipstick Does Tamar Braxton Wear?

Do you know what lipstick does katy perry wear in the song last friday night?

I love the color of lipstick she wear when she's still a nerd. the color seems light and soft pink. does anyone know the name of the lipstick color? mac lipstick perharp?

I don't know exactly, but these shades might be pretty darn close to the look she has!!! Hope they help!


What color lipstick should I wear to prom?

(I NEED HELP MY PROM IS THIS FRIDAY) I'm just going to do a naturel face. My blush soft peachy/ pink color. I'm light skin and have brown hair. Also, my dress is silver printed gathered gown with crystal necklace.. Maybe that would help :). What color lipstick should i wear that won't make me look over done?

I think with your color scheme which is very soft, feminine, and princess like, you should do a color that is a nice light shade of pink that isn't too bold. I'm putting in a link to MAC for an example. I think any of the colors in the top row would be perfect without being too basic. Good luck :)

What color blush and lipstick do YOU wear with Green eyeshadow?

I dont know if I should wear a bronzy color blush or pink, and a pinkish lipstick or clear gloss?? What do YOU wear?

bronzer instead of blush
and either really really light pink lipgloss
or clear lipgloss

Frosted pink lipstick, as in Pam Anderson...?

Does anyone have a favorite lipstick that is a frosted pink shade like Pam Anderson is wearing here? I'm dying to start trying the color :) thanks ladies<3 http://www.foxnews.com/images/242244/2_62_anderson_pam_rock_kid.jpg

If you want that exact lipstick or the same color you can find it in this articles store. She is actually wearing a color called "Pink Sand" rather than frosted pink.
Just type in "Frosted pink lipstick" and it should show up.

What lipstick color/brand is closest to this color? (link in description)?

http://distilleryimage5.s3.amazonaws.com/8d15e884c65f11e19894123138140d8c_6.jpg I've been seeing lost of pictures of Ariana Grande wearing lipstick this color lately and I wanted to get one like it. Do any of you know colors similar to this?

It's definitely a fuschia-pink sort of colour, not orangey-pink :)

So get a pink that is more purpley-pink, medium-light shade. It shouldn't be dark compared to your skin tone, it should just be the right shade.

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