What Color Lipstick Does Oprah Wear?

Do you know what lipstick does katy perry wear in the song last friday night?

I love the color of lipstick she wear when she's still a nerd. the color seems light and soft pink. does anyone know the name of the lipstick color? mac lipstick perharp?

I don't know exactly, but these shades might be pretty darn close to the look she has!!! Hope they help!


sarah palins lipstick shade/color?

Someone else asked this question and I pulled her photo into photoshop and sampled the color and then matched it to MAC products and the closest color is Lipstick, Taupe

i love her lipstick shade also but i can't figure it out. i have similar coloring and i wear mac russian red

what shade of red lipstick should i wear?

my skin color is like rihanna's, but a little darker. I want it to be inexpensive, something i can get from a department store? thankkks!

You should wear L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick Lipstick, Au Currant (Corals Reds) 730 .13 oz (3.6 g)

Color Riche - Shades of Coral and Red
730 Au Currant - Deep neutral to c

what happened to OPRAH'S color-blindness?

There was a time when Oprah seemed to be colorblind. Color didn't seem to matter to her. And I liked that about her. Lately though, I have noticed a change in Oprah, she ONLY seems to be concerned with her own kind NOW and it worries me. Should I be worried?

Oprah has always been racially conscious. With the past that she's had, the experiences - there is no possible way to disregard that. Additionally, with situations affecting black communities now more than ever - she would be doing a grave disservice to write them off and not to be one of the voices to sound off on them.
It's not a cause for worry, you have to be realistic. There is a difference between being color blind and being straight up ignorant. You want her to be the road trip, book club, giving away free sh*t Oprah, and sorry, she can't be that Oprah all the time.

What color lipstick should I wear to prom?

(I NEED HELP MY PROM IS THIS FRIDAY) I'm just going to do a naturel face. My blush soft peachy/ pink color. I'm light skin and have brown hair. Also, my dress is silver printed gathered gown with crystal necklace.. Maybe that would help :). What color lipstick should i wear that won't make me look over done?

I think with your color scheme which is very soft, feminine, and princess like, you should do a color that is a nice light shade of pink that isn't too bold. I'm putting in a link to MAC for an example. I think any of the colors in the top row would be perfect without being too basic. Good luck :)

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