What Color Lipstick Does Jlo Wear?

what colour lipstick does JLo normally wear? that light lip colour similar to peach...is it peach?

I'm not sure of the exact color she wears, but M.A.C. Cherish, Myth and Honeylove Lipstick look like her usual lip color. I would say it's a nude color.

Do you know what lipstick does katy perry wear in the song last friday night?

I love the color of lipstick she wear when she's still a nerd. the color seems light and soft pink. does anyone know the name of the lipstick color? mac lipstick perharp?

I don't know exactly, but these shades might be pretty darn close to the look she has!!! Hope they help!


sarah palins lipstick shade/color?

Someone else asked this question and I pulled her photo into photoshop and sampled the color and then matched it to MAC products and the closest color is Lipstick, Taupe

i love her lipstick shade also but i can't figure it out. i have similar coloring and i wear mac russian red

Which lipstick color and eyeshadow would suit me? Any recommendations would be appreciated.?

My skin color is like JLo and hair that is copper. Any color?

For eye shadow, the best color would be copper. It will bring out your dewy JLo like skin and match your hair. If you have blue eyes, you can sometimes blend light and dark blue together for an eyeshadow, a shade lighter and darker than your eyes to make them pop. With brown or hazel eyes you can occasionally wear purple or maroon eye shadow with an outfit of that color. For lips, no over the top red and not under the limit pale nude or skin color lips. Use a nice pink to go well with your skin. I love lip glosses, and I find it best to collect them in order to find your favorite. A light purple Juicy Tube will probably be good for you because it feels good on your lips and comes out as more of a purple-pink color which looks beautiful on people with skin and hair like you!

what shade of red lipstick should i wear?

my skin color is like rihanna's, but a little darker. I want it to be inexpensive, something i can get from a department store? thankkks!

You should wear L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick Lipstick, Au Currant (Corals Reds) 730 .13 oz (3.6 g)

Color Riche - Shades of Coral and Red
730 Au Currant - Deep neutral to c

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