What Color Lipstick Does Ariana Grande Use?

How can you look/act like Ariana Grande? ?

Please help. Natural stuff though. No surgery.

type "Ariana Grande" into google images. Find an image you like. Make the image really big on your computer and print it out. Cut out the eyes and a small round hole for the mouth. poke two holes either side of Ariana's face. get some elastic and tie it in the holes. put over head. Jump up and down shouting "Look at me I'm Ariana Grande! Look at me I'm Ariana Grande! Look at me I'm Ariana Grande!"

How Could I Meet Ariana Grande?

Im Going To New York On Tuesday and I was wanting to know would there be any possible way to meet ariana? I know she lives in LA But she does spend a lot of time in NY, Sooo

You can meet Ariana Grande through a meet and greet, a CD signing of hers, or even at a premiere or special event that Ariana Grande will be attending. If you are going to New York, NY hoping to see Ariana Grande you should Google the places that Ariana Grande seems to go to the most while in New York, NY. There is hope that you will see Ariana Grande but since New York, NY is one of the biggest cities in the United States the chances are quite slim, that should not keep you from looking though. Good luck. I hope you get to meet her.

How to do my make up like Ariana Grande?

How do I do mine like hers? Eye shadow colors? Tips? Tutorials?

Here are some youtube tutorials from girls doing their makeup like Ariana!

Here's Ariana talking about the products she can't live without:

Here's Ariana talking about what she wears daily, and her favorite beauty trends!

^ As you can see from that photo above, Ariana likes to keep it very natural looking. For the makeup in the photo, she's wearing nude lipstick with a hint of gloss, very pretty but subtle pink blush, a bit of brown glittery eyeshadow, and falsies! She also highlighted her tear-duct with a light shadow, and used a bit of bronzer around her forehead. (:

How tall is Ariana Grande?

How tall is Ariana Grande?

The Internet Movie Database has the height of Ariana Grande listed as 5 feet 2 1/2 inches or 1.59 meters. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3812858/

What lipstick color/brand is closest to this color? (link in description)?

http://distilleryimage5.s3.amazonaws.com/8d15e884c65f11e19894123138140d8c_6.jpg I've been seeing lost of pictures of Ariana Grande wearing lipstick this color lately and I wanted to get one like it. Do any of you know colors similar to this?

It's definitely a fuschia-pink sort of colour, not orangey-pink :)

So get a pink that is more purpley-pink, medium-light shade. It shouldn't be dark compared to your skin tone, it should just be the right shade.

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